October 5, 2018

3D academy


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brooke-cagle-609873-unsplashThe labour market demands increasingly specialized profiles for the existing jobs. And for the new jobs? There are always the young people between 20 and 32 years old who are competing with you for those jobs. Basically, your old university qualifications are no longer relevant in this fast-changing society.

toa-heftiba-264023-unsplashAlso, the next jobs are most probably not yet invented. Think about it, have you ever heard of these jobs 10 years ago? Think social media, marketer? Instagram Influencer? SEO engineer? Data scientist? No. And the needs of the market are changing fast. There are only 2 things that exist 10 years ago and still relevant now. 1 – The universally spoken language – English and 2- a mindset willing to learn and re-learn again the new skills. With these fast rise of job specializations and globalization, English became ever more important than ever. Hence, there are more and more schools specializing in teaching adults English.. such as 3D UNIVERSAL ENGLISH INSTITUTE INC. Founded in April 2002, 3D was the first language school in Cebu that got the accreditation from the Philippines government that specializes in teaching English. There are now over 200 schools here in Cebu.katy-belcher-387797-unsplashHowever, 3D Academy remains the most famous schools in Cebu among foreigners like us. This is mainly because of the location. The school is nicely located in the center of Cebu city. Each year, the academy welcome more than 2,000 international students from around the world to study here. 3D Academy is the only ESL school with dormitories and classrooms located in the same building, with 24 hour security, with gyms for the students and next to the JY SuperMarket, restaurants, IT Park and many other entertainments as the casino in the city … All the above mentioned facilities are within less than 10 minutes on foot (Address: 6000 Cebu, 2F The Hotel Level, JY Square, Cebu City, Filipinas.)toa-heftiba-702268-unsplash3D Academy provides specialized programs in the teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). They also offer TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL, business English and specific programs to help students to improve their Test scores and at the same time improve their communication skills. They have courses specifically designed for all kinds of levels, from Beginners to Advanced. Teachers in 3D are highly qualified teachers and experts in the subjects they teach with years of experience in teaching.

Unless you are looking to study as a researcher, the old school style of studying for theory can no longer help you in the job market. You might be graduating from the university without any job offer nowadays. Employers don’t need your paper. They need you to learn things while they are happening, to help them create the next big things!Untitled2There are also profound changes happening with the arrival of new generations. A lot of us are no longer looking for satisfy their stomach but their souls. Millennials are working not for the money, but to search for happiness through professional realization. All these are built based on the good language foundation. Because to achieve these, you need to communicate with the world, and you need to keep learning. 3D Academy offers you the excellent possibility to start the first step, to perfect or certify yourself in English.

trabThere’s a saying among us looking for the job:

“you can have several diplomas and still not worth anything in the market when it comes to demonstrating your talent, but if you present yourself to a job interview with an optimal level of English, you will mark the difference. We can assure you that they will not let you escape “.

This is what we have observed so far. Wish to share with you.

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