November 2, 2018

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5 Benefits of living in the Philippines that you did not know and will surprise you

     Many people are thinking about studying English. Some are thinking about making an interesting trip somewhere exotic. Why not combine both? You can travel to paradise and study English at the same time. Well now our English school 3D Academy will give you the opportunity to get to know the island in depth, in addition to studying English. Some people believe that the Philippines is just like all the normal tropical countries, there are the sun, paradisiacal beaches and spectacular diving, that’s all. We’re going to tell you a secret … The Philippines offers so much more! This time we will tell you some of the advantages of living a unique experience in the Philippines.


  1. Personal Improvement

This is the most obvious benefit of living in the Philippines. For us westerners, we always thought we have reached the ceiling if we have a comfortable life. However, there’s always this little something we are looking for in our lives. Perhaps some thrills and excitement of living in another country? A special venture? So here we are in the Philippines, learning a new language. In this journey, we also learn how to assimilate with new customs. And as we become more social, our mentality changes. The changes are making us improve as a person .…


  1. You will have many friends coming from different countries

This is the reason why you have to come to the Philippines! Over here in our school, you end up making new friends who are Japanese, French, Brazilian, and so on … In the Philippines you will find many people who are in the similar situation as you, yearning for new experience. Together you will live the best experience of your lives. I promise you these friends are forever! pikwizard-ecea164e95f1703441d7c4442b98ce0f

  1. Good weather almost all year round

Surely you think that the summers are hot and perfect to toast in the sand of some spectacular beach. But over here there is more than the typical sun bathing in our country. Since the climate of the Philippines is like summer all year long, you can make any type of plans all year long, even in the winter. In the tropical weather, you can enjoy hiking in forests, visit beaches or waterfalls anytime in the year!john-schnobrich-523549-unsplash

  1. Remote countries closer than ever

When you come to the Philippines, places like Australia, Japan, Bali, Indonesia, become relatively close to each others. You can go to these countries after your stay in the Philippines or even in between your study in the Philippines. In the Philippines, you have to do visa extension every month. The cost is quite small, around USD 50. However, you can choose an alternative part, which is to visit another country nearby the Philippines every month for 1 week or 2. After you come back, you will get another 30 days visa to stay in the Philippines. The plan tickets from the Philippines to other South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam typically costs only around USD 200-300. What’s the best? After you come back, you can enrol into the same school and save on all other fees such as SSP, registration fees etc. Thank me for the idea later 😛christoffer-engstrom-503486-unsplash

  1. 3D academy

Another exceptional advantages of living in the Philippines is 3D Academy. linc The truth is, they do things really well here. They offer multiple 1:1  classes to help you to improve no matter what your current language level is. You can overcome your weakness in English at a very competitive price. If you decide to learn more about some of our linc courses you will discover our teachers Linc, Linc facilities and the rest of the city Linc. The Philippines is becoming one of the best countries to study English. For its price quality comparison and for being an excellent tourist destination

These are the 5 reasons, which we have selected for you! 5 beneficial to live in the Philippines that are surprising but that you may have overlooked because you simply did not know them. The Philippines is an exceptional country, far beyond what is said and seen at first glance.

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