November 30, 2018

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Guide to study and work in the Philippines. Essential!!

To study in the Philippines, the first thing you need is: a large dose of enthusiasm and attention to face your new experience. Over here in the Philippines, you will do more than learning English. Imagine all your free time being spent at the white sand beaches, paradisiacal islands and good food all at a moderate price, and meeting with many people from all over the world. I can guarantee that your way of seeing the world will change forever after a study trip here. The second thing you need is this guide to work and study in the Philippines. Here we detail everything you have to do to enjoy your adventure without any problem and with total ease.

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viaja estuadia trabaja (10)What can I study in 3D Academy?

Endless studying is stressful and boring. I get it. It happened to all of us. We all did that. Enrolled into a local English centre. Then went through endless classes with abusive prices. And that my friend, is how our passion of learning died! End this vicious cycle for now! It is time to discover the new fun way of learning English and we will be here to help you, every step of the way.

ESL English courses here in the Philippines. You will learn basic skills such as reading, writing, speaking and understanding through a mix of 1:1 and small group discussions. The courses start almost every Monday and you can choose the number of hours to suit you up to 9 hours a day.    ESL English courses

Certificates: They are official and international certificate, for example IELTS and TOEFL. If your intention is to study or spend a long season in countries such as Canada or Australia, this is your option.   Certificates:

3D ImmigCanada Program

The 3D ImmigCanada program is a special course. Designed for students who wish to emigrate to Canada. The consultation lasts approximately 1 year after enrolment in our school.  3D ImmigCanada viaja estuadia trabaja (8)

Where do I stay?

I gotta tell you this. You do not need to worry about where to sleep at all when you come here to study. It is very good work from the academy to organize everything nicely for you. Below I will leave you all the links so you can contact us. There are in-house dormitories in the school ranging from 1-6  persons room. The staff will also be able to reserve hotel rooms for you, hotels which are right beside our school for your stay. Meals? Gym pass? Swimming Pool? Laundry? Wifi? Study Room? Everything you ever need is included in the dormitory and hotel stay! All you need to do is to focus and improve. And we help you in everything you need to make your experience a success.viaja estuadia trabaja (9)

Explore and study in the Philippines:

If you are already clear about the course you want to do, its duration and where you will be staying, it is time to organize how you will get to know the island. Traveling is in everyone’s soul! One of the most popular activities in 3D Academy is to make trips on weekends to explore the country. A country consisted of over 7000 islands. Here, we can do island-hopping at a super cheap rate, see the most exotic corners or enjoy their cuisine in trendy restaurants.viaja estuadia trabaja (5)

I want to work in the Philippines: What do I do?

Finding a job is a simple matter of time and effort. In 3D you can also get help yourself from us. In 3D Academy, we double our efforts and prepare you for a well-paid job. Indispensable Spanish and good English. These are some examples:-

  • Service in Spanish. Customer Service / Associate / Game Support Accounts Payable Processor / Logistic Assistance Services – Salary: USD 1,200 (PHP 60,000) – USD 3,000 (PHP 150,000).
  • Service desk analyst with Spanish / Support engineer / Sales and marketing ~ Salary: USD 1,000-1,800 (PHP 50,000 – PHP 90,000).viaja estuadia trabaja (3)To start your experience, simply contact us. Do not get yourself overwhelmed with paperwork because we’re going to help you with everything and for free. Focus on the essentials to learn English. Say goodbye to your friends and buy a plane ticket to the best experience of your life. I promise you will enjoy your experience to the fullest.


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