November 16, 2018

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How to choose the most suitable international travel insurance?

When we prepare for some exotic trips, there are many things we have to think about (route, flights, accommodation, visas …). Who thinks about getting a medical insurance when you prepare for the trip to some exotic places? Let’s admit it! No one. Not many people think about buying a travel insurance before travelling because it is not always clear whether it is worth it or not. Below we explain everything you need to know and providing you with tips about buying the right medical insurance when you travel so you will know how to choose the right travel insurance to suit your needs.brendon-thompson-732518-unsplash Why buy travel and medical insurance?
It is always good to prepare for the accident that might happen so you will be covered during the trip. Medical expenses for foreigners are always expensive in any country. Hence, you will be able to save a lot of money in medical expenses if you are covered for the travel insurance.

  • When you are travelling to countries like Cuba, Ecuador or Russia, you have the obligation to be covered for medical insurance during the entire stay in the country. But it can vary according to the nationality of your origin and visa.
  • There are many travel insurance providers. Hence you will be able to get a travel insurance in a very competitive price. If you take into account all the money that you will save from an illness during your stay abroad, the small amount you spend on the travel insurance would definitely worth it.
  • They make your life easier. You just have to call them in your language if you need to make a claim. They indicate all the steps that you must follow to solve your problem, including requesting a visit from a doctor or informing you of their rates.

In any case, before buying an insurance, always check the price and the extension of coverage. Then you can decide it based on the country you are traveling to decide whether it will be necessary for you to get one travel insurance when you are traveling. Only the travel insurance with international coverage offers you a peace of mind to dedicate yourself to enjoy the landscape or the beaches you are going to coverage does an international travel medical insurance normally include?There are many companies that offer travel insurance and all provides different coverages. But the most common coverage are below.

  • Consultations in primary and specialized medicine.
  • Transfer by ambulance in case of emergencies and inability to travel to the health center.
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for operations
  • Surgery and Operations
  • Full hospitalization expenses.
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Special treatments
  • Transplants, prostheses and implants.
  • Compensation of death by accident
  • Reduction of the co-payment in your home country upon return within certain days

photo-1523006480666-4debbb34a28d  How to choose the right travel insurance?
It is worth spending a few minutes to compare different insurance package in to get the best coverage. Here are some key tips that you should keep in mind.

  • First, check if the country you are going to travel to or if the visa you are traveling with requires medical insurance.
  • Check and compare the insurance coverage.
  • Keep in mind the maximum coverage limit. The higher the maximum coverage limit, well you can guess it, the more expensive it is but the safer you are.
  • It is also important that medical insurance is accessible from anywhere in the world. Hence it is better to buy from multinational companies so that once you are in the country of destination, it is easy to contact your insurance agents for claim if there is.
  • Some insurances apply certain exclusion clause. Make sure you check those clauses carefully.


My Personal Preference when it comes to travel Insurance.
Allianz, one of the largest insurance groups worldwide. They offer flexibility in their insurance with assistance and important coverage’s so that you do not have to worry about anything.
**Exclamation: This post is not sponsored by Allianz or any other travel insurance company. It’s purely written for sharing purposes.
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