November 9, 2018

3D academy

Steps to study English in the Philippines and enjoy the experience!

In the previous topic, we presented 3D Academy to you. If you have been reading our previous post, you will know where we are located on earth and the benefits of taking English classes here. In this post (below) we explain the facilities you can enjoy when you study in 3d academy. We accompany you throughout the entire process. We process all the necessary documentation for the school in the country. Yes, we help you to manage the student visa. We greet you at the airport and we guide you during your stay at our school. 

5 Benefits of living in the Philippines that you did not know and will surprise you.

Let’s take a look at what 3D Academy does for you!


Study programs

We have created academic and general English courses designed to make your stay in Cebu perfect at the academy. Besides English courses, we have a wide variety of weekend trips to paradisaical places for you. Take a look at our exciting trips in November here (Below)These programs offer you both the study and travel experience, which will facilitate your personal and professional goals.

Link: Take a look at our exciting trips in November here


Management of procedures and visa

The school makes it easier for you to live and study in the Philippines. We know that it is very complicated to do all the paperwork by ourselves. 3D academy makes it easy for you as our experienced team will manage all the necessary procedures for you, starting from day 1.


The best destination experience

When you arrive at Cebu Airport, we will pick you up from the airport and provide an orientation at the school. At school you will have a welcome session to make sure that everything is “ok” to start living your adventure with us. We also organize weekend trips so you can meet more students in the same situation as you and you will truly feel at home here.


Summing up step by step.

Before the trip

Select the course, duration and accommodation that most interests you in the Philippines and send us an email. A member of the team will contact you, advise you and help you with everything. You can talk with your advisor either by email, phone, whatsapp or in person.

omar-lopez-296937-unsplashWhen you are at our school.

We advise you about the accommodation. If you need a visa once you have it approved, you can buy your plane ticket to your new city.


At destination

  • When you arrive at Cebu airport, we will be waiting there to welcome you.
  • We bring you to the school and introduce all its surroundings.
  • Open a bank account (If you need it).
  • The Sim card for the phone.
  • We will explain how to move easily in your new city.

Estudia en 3D

Every day all kinds of activities are carried out. This is where you will meet other students just like you. Most of the activities you can join for free! Such as the film session, fitness classes, excursions. Take a look at the video here! Or you can visit us at the school offices and clarify your doubts whenever you want.

Your 1st step Start from getting in touch.  Send us an email and we will inform you about everything.

Registration Form   Full info    Web  ask us any question.

See you next time ….

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