December 14, 2018

3D Students Review


Hi everyone

As 3D ACADEMY international team working side by side to make the school environment more enjoyable for all students, we are getting the feedback of our international students to see how they are enjoying their learning experience and stay in Cebu, Philippine at 3D ACADEMY.


This time myself-Ahmed, Namu (Japanese manager) and Franc (Spanish Manager) worked together and we conducted interviews with different students from many countries around the world. We asked them questions about their stay here in Cebu and 3D ACADEMY and advice for all future students here. Let’s hear it!

Let’s start from Russia…


What is your name?

  • My name is Eugene.

IMG_0110Where do you come from?

  • I’m from Russia Rostov-on-Don

IMG_0124Why do you study English?

  • Honestly it’s a critical and crucial part for my work. Moreover, English is very useful for traveling.

IMG_0104Why do you choose the Philippines?

  • Philippines.. firstly it’s a great opportunity to research this part of the world and not only to study English but also for traveling and to see nature.

IMG_0116How do you know about 3D ACADEMY?

  • 3D ACADEMY… Me with my wife she found some agencies of the school and we read many feedback from the school.

IMG_0100Why are you interested in this school?

  • I’m glad that it gives me opportunity to study as well as living. So, I don’t need to think about food or apartments. Also the laundry service is very useful (laugh). Actually there are many good services in the academy.

fullsizeoutput_a7d3What do you think about 3D ACADEMY?

  • Well… Firstly it is high qualified teachers, very reliable and even with actually high level of English I can learn something new and they could help me to improve my level. From the other side the school is ready to arrange many activities or facilities for example I joined the trip to Oslob and it was amazing.

fullsizeoutput_a7dfWhat Do you think about the teacher of 3D ACADEMY?

  • As I said they are high qualified and very friendly so, you don’t feel shy if you don’t know something they’re ready to help you and always will support you in all your aims.


Can you tell us about your experience here in the Philippines?

  • Well… I had a great trip to the Oslob to snorkeling with the wheel sharks, that was great and last weekend we spent in Moalboal and we had two times diving there I saw turtles and sardine storms… it was incredible actually, also I visited Mactan it was interesting to know the history about Lapu-Lapu and Magellan, yeah, it’s very interesting for me so, you could find very interesting places.

IMG_0105What are going to do after you graduate from 3D ACADEMY?

  • I’m going to apply for new position in Hong Kong for example so, it also helps me to find a good job there, I have a first place I will go back to Russia but I’m going to have interview in Hong Kong.

IMG_0119Could you give an advice to the future students?

  • Just keep going and don’t hesitate to speak with foreigners and try to improve your language don’t stay with your local language friends and try to join deems with and from different nations.


Next up, let’s continue with the other international students…

Thanks for reading and see you soon in our next post…






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