December 20, 2018

3D Students Review


Hi everyone

As 3D ACADEMY international team working side by side to make the school environment more enjoyable for students as well as learning to enjoy their stay in Cebu, Philippine at 3D ACADEMY.


This time me Ahmed, Namu and Franc worked together and we made interviews with different students from many countries around the world, we asked them questions about their stay here in Cebu and 3D ACADEMY and we are happy and proud that we hear their feedback.

This time let’s hear from Korean student…



  • Where are you from?

  • I’m from Korea


  • Why do you study English?

  • I want to talk abroad, many abroad people.


  • Why do you choose the Philippines?

  • Actually, this is my first time to come here and honestly the Philippines is cheap to study.


  • How do you know about 3D ACADEMY?

  • I researched many academies in Cebu at that time I found 3D ACADEMY and also 3D doesn’t have many Koreans that’s also strong point for me.


  • Why are you interested in this school?

  • At that time when I came here the school have a good promo for me and also 3D’s location is very good it’s nearby JY mall and JY supermarket Ayala mall or IT park and SM Cebu and of course gym is very strong point for me.


  • What do you think about 3D ACADEMY?

  • 3D ACADEMY it’s so interested for me, in 3D house keeper or any staff are so kind and friendly.


  • Tell us about your real feeling?

  • Actually, I’m very satisfied because of the meals, classes room, teachers and everything.


  • What Do you think about the teachers of 3D ACADEMY?

  • Teachers in 3D are very kind and friendly.


  • Can you tell us about your experience here in the Philippines?

  • I went a lot of beaches and drinking places, hmm, I went to a lot of funny places with my friends it’s for good experience and good memories for me.


  • What are going to do after you graduate from 3D ACADEMY?

  • Frist I will go back to Japan then I will prepare my working holiday visa after that I want to go to Australia.


  • Could you give an advice to the future students?

  • Philippines is very good to study English and teachers are so kind, don’t hesitate just come.



It’s not the end we will continue with the other international students…

thanks for reading and see you soon…




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