December 13, 2018

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Camotes Island Trip from Cebu – A small and peaceful Gem north of Cebu

How are you everyone. This is 3D Academy Korean intern Cho.

Are you looking for some place new where you can relax during the long holidays?


For students studying in 3D Academy, it’s a good news because we are free to go anywhere during the weekends since there’s no curfew. Students always go to different islands for island-hopping during the weekends to enjoy the nature beauty of Cebu as a reward of studying hard over hear during the weekdays.


Last weekends, we went to Camotes Island during the public holidays here in the Philippines. Camotes Island is not a famous tourist destination among foreign tourists, unlike Bohol or Oslob. However, she has her own unique charm! I am going to share with you about my fantastic trip to Camotes!


Camotes is a group of islands consisting of four towns – Poro, Tudela, Pilar and San Francisco. It is located in the central Philippines, towards the east of the Cebu Island, in between the islands of Cebu and Leyte. From Danao Port (North of Cebu City), it is two hours away by boat.


How to Get to Camotes Islands?


On the first day, we gathered at around 5 am at the main entrance of the 3D Academy in JY Square. We took a taxi to go to Danao port, which is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The taxi fare is around 200 pesos (~USD 4). So make sure you have a group of 4 friends going with you to share the taxi fare. If there are more of you, you can rent a van at around the same price to Danao Port. On the way back to 3D, we rent a van in Danao Port. It costed only 400 pesos (~USD 8) for 12 of us!


Danao is a town north of Cebu City, approximately an hour away. However we left 3D early in the morning, so there was no traffic on the way, it took about 30 miunte to get there.


From Danao Port, you can board on a ship to Camotes island. There are numerous departures daily from as early as 530AM to as late as 9PM. The boat ride is approximately 2 hours and fare is around P500.


In the ship, the air conditioning is very strong. Hence, I would recommend you to bring some blanket or jacket if you don’t like to feel cold like me.


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Transportation in Camotes

Camotes island is a peaceful and safe town where you can easily roam around using Motorbike or bicycle. You can easily rent them at the shop for a low price. However, if you don’t like the idea of riding motorbike or bicycle, you can always rent a Jeepney for trips there. All you need to do is to let the driver knows your destination and they will bring you there safely.


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Things to Do in Camotes

This is our itinerary as a basic guide.

Click this for more information of tourist spot in Camotes.


Day 1

3D –> Cebu pier 1 –> Camotes(Poro Port) –> Timubo Cave –> Tulang island –> Coco Grove Nature Resort


Day 2

Resort –> Santiago White Beach –> Buho rock –> Camotes(Poro Port) –> Cebu pier 1 –> 3D
If you ask me, I would like to recommend you Tulang island. It is a small island located in north of Pilar towns. It has breathtaking views and crystal clear water. It is perfect for a regular beach lovers and vacations.


It is easy to find someone who takes you to the Tulang island. Once you get the town(Sonog area), somebody will approach you if you want to go the island and make offer. Or if you hire a jeepney, simply ask your driver. He will ascort you to a boatman.


We rented a boat for 2000pesos (~USD 40) for 4hours. It includes snorkeling gears and 1 hour snorkeling at the special spot near island. After taking in the great variety of sea life, you can have lunch in island. You can lend a cottage for 500pesos (~USD 10) where you can eat and relax. The staffs working at the restaurant will bring the food to the cottage. However It takes a bit long time, be patient and have some snack while you are waiting.


This island doesn’t have extreme activities but it is very peaceful and relaxing. It was nice to get away from all of it. That’s the reason I recommend you this place.



Why don’t you start to plan to travel to Cebu for upcoming holidays and make valuable memories with your dear friends?



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