December 21, 2018

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Christmas in the Philippines. Maligayang Pasko

If you live in the northern hemisphere of the planet like most of us Europeans, you will have Christmas associated with winter, cold, and snowmen. Right? Not in the Philippines. As you know, there are only 2 seasons of the year in the Philippines – dry and rainy season. Hence, In the  Philippines, the Christmas can be spent in a bikini at about 30º C. Amazing, right?

Navidad en Filipinas  Family, Fun and Faith. This is how, in a few words, we could describe Christmas in the Philippines. Unlike other countries, Filipinos gather in family homes to celebrate these fiestas and eat in abundance the typical food of the Philippines. Some of the most usual plans are to eat or dine with the family or possibly in a local restaurant, also to visit Santa in the supermarkets. Another activity deeply rooted in the Philippines is to go to the Misa del gallo. Misa de Gallo is a name for the Roman Catholic Mass celebrated around midnight of Christmas Eve and sometimes in the days immediately preceding Christmas.

photo-1478719059408-592965723cbc Typical Christmas food in the Philippines

The typical dishes for Christmas dinner in the Philippines which you can not miss are the pork or ball ham, chicken, cheese ball and fruit. A typical dish is “bibingka” – a kind of rice cake and the bumbonga rice with a purple color. We have to mention one dessert that all Filipinos love, which is the milk pudding. Milk pudding is prepared firstly by steaming the milk with pudding powder, and add the sugar on top so that it creates a layer of caramel filling when melted in the pan. The Filipinos love it. They take every opportunity to eat it.

photo-1513639725746-c5d3e861f32aLighting, department stores and Santa.

Filipinos love Christmas decorations. They decorate their busiest streets with typical Christmas decorations, illuminate emblematic buildings, and decorate the trees on the street with coloured lights. The department stores also double the effort and adorn their corridors with lights, reindeer, Santa Claus and Christmas trees etc. Everything will be very bright and spectacular.


Christmas and New Year season presents a chance of celebration everywhere in the world. Santa Claus will visit those shopping centers or emblematic streets of each country year after year with the sole intention of listening, with attention, the requests of the smallest of the house. In the Philippines, going to see Santa can become an event that all families prepare with great enthusiasm. In the Philippines, it is normal for the whole family to visit Santa in the shopping centers during Christmas season.

photo-1513885535751-8b9238bd345aThe typical Christmas song.

The Filipinos love to sing, at all times and at any time, especially during the Christmas party. It is a must! It’s one of the funniest things when you spend Christmas in the Philippines. They are called Christmas carols and all the family and friends gather in front of the Karaoke-on-rental to sing them. And the children will go from house to house asking for a Christmas bonus. The most popular carols are – ‘Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit ‘


So for the penultimate topic of the year, we just want to thank you for your interest in reading my topics. I wish all of my readers, 3D colleagues, friends, teachers, students of 3D and the Philippines and from all over the world –

Merry Christmas !!!


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