December 23, 2018

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Special Christmas in the Philippines

Hello everyone. This is cho from Korea.


Without question, one of the most important festivals in Korea is Thanksgiving Day, also known as the Chuseok. This is a traditional harvest holiday in Korea which is celebrated on the 15th day of August in lunar calendar.

All stores and businesses take the day off so that families can spend the day together.

People share a feast of Korean traditional food such as Songpyeon(rice cake), Jeon(Korean pancakes), and Dongdongju(Korean wine)


For many people, the first thing to do on the day is to visit the family burial place where families offer sacrifices of traditional food at graves. The family then comes together for dinner.

While many no longer celebrate Chuseok the traditional way, Chuseock is still one of the most important holidays in Korea.


In the Philippines, they also have a lot of festivals such as Bataan Day, Independence Day, and National Heroes Day etc.  Among these holidays, one of the most important days, nothing can beat Christmas. Filipinos consider Christmas special as much as Koreans celebrate Chuseok. They start to commemorate this day from September which is 4months before. These “Ber” months, running from September to December, are when the fun starts and when the countdown to the long Christmas in the Philippines begins! It’s when Filipinos start buying and putting Christmas decorations either on their own home or in offices.


Let’s see what they do on Christmas.


  1. Caroling

On the Christmas day, group of people visit the houses and sing their favorite Christmas songs with their instruments such as tambourines and durum which is hand-maded by children.

Afterwards, the owners of house reward them with money.


  1. Simbang Gabi and Misa de Gallo

Many Filipinos attend the Simbang Gabi from December 19 to December 24 for 9 days.

Filipinos wake up before early in the morning(usually 4am) to attend the mass  and hope having a granted wish once they complete the nine days.

After this mass, they normally have some Philippines traditional rice cake on the street like Bibingka, puto bumbong. It can be founded around church.


  1. Aguinaldo

During Christmas day, it is a common Filipino tradition to visit relatives.

Usually, children can receive with gifts such as money, candy or toys by their godparents or relatives. These gifts are popularly called as aguinaldo. Their parent would love gifts that will make them feel loved and important on this special day



Unlike Korean celebrating Christmas with their lovers or friends, here in the Philippines, they value more on family. Masses of people travel from large cities to their hometowns to spend the time together with their family.


However, even though you are not at home, don’t be sad. Here our 3D family will stay with you!



We had a special Christmas event on December 21, 2018 for every 3D student. Hoping to know how we celebrated it? Look out for my next post 🙂


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