December 13, 2018

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What to put in you baggage?

Preparing the baggage to travel? What to bring for this trip? It’s always the same problem? In this post, I will share with you from experience what to put and what not to put in the suitcase so you do not carry things you will not use and travel only with the necessary. To begin with, the baggage preparation, make a list of items to bring based on a few factors such as, how much time you will spend in your destination? What activities do you intend to do? Summer or winter clothes? Sports, equipment, mountain clothes, beach, diving…..

Que pon That baggage I choose and what clothes I wear.
Do not get complicated and take only what you’re really going to use. It is a always good idea to bring another hand carried luggage to put your essentials in addition to the the checked-in suitcase. In the hand carried luggage, you can put the original passport and copy, mobile and laptops with chargers, visa, map and / or guide where you are going, letter of admission to the school, toilet kit, book, and addresses of interest such as school address and telephone number. Do not forget to put your contact information in all your suitcases. When you buy the airline ticket, look closely at the luggage limit of each company. Some of them let you check in up to 40 You have to know that excess baggage is expensive. Some airlines can charge about 80 euros per kilo and although you only spend 5 kilos of the limit allowed by the company, the payment will be 300 euros surcharge.

Fill your baggage with quality clothing that shelters you from the cold or protects you from the sun. Always bring the lightest cloths according to your needs. Do not bring those items common household itemssuch as pillows or bed sheets etc. You do not need it. You can save your weight and if you need it, you can always buy them at your destination. The same goes to your footwear. Shoes always occupy a lot of space than other items. A pair of good shoes are all you need to walk long days in the city, or simply bring a pairs of good mountain boots or appropriate footwear for the activity you choose will be an ideal companion for your getaways to the nature.
photo-1499699862610-16bb305407c0 Adapter and cables
Another important issue that the inexperienced travellers do not usually think about is the adapters and cable. Take an adapter plug because surely your destination will be using different electricity plug than to the one you use in your country. I also recommend you to take a power cable with different inputs to connect or charge at the same time on different devices, such as computer, mobile or camera. If you forget to bring these, you’ll miss it and run the risk that the camera is not ready. I have seen many travellers missed out on that spectacular landscape only because they don’t have camera in their hands. But If you lose it or forget to carry, do not worry, because you can always buy it in almost all the destinations in stores and supermarkets. It just takes more time.
photo-149671 How do I put everything in the baggage?
If you have followed all our advices, you would have reduced the number of bags from 3 to 2. However, you might still have problems to put all your items into the baggage. And the moment of truth arrives and the doubts assail you if you can do it. I understand the truth is that this subject is quite an art and I unfortunately cannot explain it to you. But I leave some interesting links on this subject that will help you a lot.

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