January 3, 2019

3D Students Review


Hi everyone

As 3D ACADEMY international team working side by side to make the school environment more enjoyable for students as well as learning to enjoy their stay in Cebu, Philippine at 3D ACADEMY.


This time me Ahmed, Namu and Franc worked together and we made interviews with different students from many countries around the world, we asked them questions about their stay here in Cebu and 3D ACADEMY and we are happy and proud that we hear their feedback.

So, let’s hear from Polish student…



  • Where are you from?

  • I’m from Poland


  • Why do you study English?

  • I study English because it can help me in my work in Poland but also, I really like to travel so, to meet other culture I need to improve my English skills I think that’s the most important reason.


  • Why do you choose the Philippines?

  • It’s a good question, few months ago I was in America and I started to research for some schools and when I wrote Email to different schools, I found that this school is the best option for me because in the Philippines the second language is English also, I saw some good reference in different websites so, I decided to come here.


  • How do you know about 3D ACADEMY?

  • I mad research from websites, when I finally decided to go to the Philippines, I compared different cites like Manila and Cebu also one school in Lapu-Lapu and finally I decide to come here.


  • Why are you interested in this school?

  • the people from different culture also the price and the high quality.


  • What do you think about 3D ACADEMY?

  • It’s very good, it’s even better the expected so, I’m really positively surprised and I’m really happy to be here, teachers are friendly also the environment here is good.


  • Tell us about your real feeling?

  • Yeah as I told you my real feelings are positive, teachers are very friendly also friends from different Asian countries it’s really easy for me to communicate with them and go somewhere in weekends so, it’s positive.


  • What Do you think about the teachers of 3D ACADEMY?

  • I really like my teachers and to be honest with every teacher I try to improve different skill so, I divided because I have four classes man to man So, one class I try to improve reading, other class I try to improve writing also new vocabulary and grammar.


  • Can you tell us about your experience here in the Philippines?

  • From Monday to Friday I just study with teachers but also by myself self-study after classes but in weekends I like to go out somewhere with friends So, my experience is mixed of learning English but also traveling also when we go out in weekend, I practice my English So, it’s mixed.


  • What are going to do after you graduate from 3D ACADEMY?

  • After my graduation for sure I’ll go to Thailand for short traveling and after that I’ll go back to Poland because I have some duty in Poland.


  • Could you give an advice to the future students?

  • My advice to future student is to come here because it’s a good decision.



It’s not the end we will continue with the other international students…

thanks for reading and see you soon…


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