January 30, 2019

3D Students Review


Hi everyone

As 3D ACADEMY international team working side by side to make the school environment more enjoyable for students as well as learning to enjoy their stay in Cebu, Philippine at 3D ACADEMY.


This time me Ahmed, Namu and Franc worked together and we made interviews with different students from many countries around the world, we asked them questions about their stay here in Cebu and 3D ACADEMY and we are happy and proud that we hear their feedback.

Now we will have interview with our Japanese student… let’s hear from him 🙂



  • Where are you from?

  • I’m from Japan


  • Why do you study English?

  • To make friends and meet many people all over the world.


  • Why do you choose the Philippines?

  • I think it’s the cheapest country for me.


  • How do you know about 3D ACADEMY?

  • I heard about 3D it’s very enjoyable environments and there are so many Japanese and also Korean and we can understand each other and it’s easy to conversation with other people and it’s the best way to improve your language skills because it’s the best environment.


  • Why are you interested in this school?

  • Honestly I had two choices between 3D ACADEMY and other school but the other school is very strict for students and I was thinking maybe I will have limit time everyday and I have to start up very early and I have to study everyday so I can’t afford to go outside and I want to enjoy not only studding but also sea side that’s the reason I choose 3D ACADEMY.


  • What do you think about 3D ACADEMY?

  • As I said it the best environments because there are too many students and they are familiar with other people.


  • Tell us about your real feeling?

  • My feeling it too casual for me because honestly, I have heard many rules there many students don’t go to their classes and they have no punishment in my opinion it’s a little not strict.


  • What Do you think about the teachers of 3D ACADEMY?

  • The teacher’s pronunciation is very easy to listen and they have not Filipino accent they can speak American and British accent so, I can study with the teachers easily and all of them are friendly and for my teachers always think about my English skills and they but some method which good for me because there are many methods but the teachers choose the best one for me.


  • Can you tell us about your experience here in the Philippines?

  • Every weekend I go to Harrison park or Alice garden to meet with new friend and we drink together then we have conversation with many friends regarding to their country and I drink too much and have a lot of fun I always get too drunk because that I can’t remember all of memories and every Saturday and Sunday I got hangover (laugh) but I often go to seaside with my batch mate, my batch mate his name is June and he always plan about weekends trips and I just follow him.


  • What are going to do after you graduate from 3D ACADEMY?

  • Honestly, I have no plan yet but I want to go to Europe or America the countries which can speak English.


  • Could you give an advice to the future students?

  • You should not submit the absent card once you advance you absent card you can’t stop or help continue in submit absent card so, you should stop and you should always attend your classes and you have stricter yourself.


It’s not the end we will continue with the other international students…

thanks for reading and see you soon…


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