January 7, 2019

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How to choose English school and course – 3D

The English courses offered by 3D Academy have new classes starting every Monday of the week. You will be able to find a course that suits your needs easily. Studying for a week of full time (35 hours and above) English courses here costs you anywhere between 260 and 374 US dollars. But you have to consider all factors such as accommodation, food, studying materials etc when you are planning to study abroad. Good news is – all other expenses are super low in the Philippines. You can spend as low as USD $300 per month living here. Besides, all these should be viewed as an investment instead of your cost. An investment for a better self to speak a new language and adapt to a new country. To help students to get back return on their investment, 3D Academy also helps students to search for job after their graduation here.

¿Qué le debes pedir a una escuela para aprender inglés en Filipinas?

So what factors should you take into account when you are trying to look for the most appropriate school to learn English?.


1 – Small number of students in the class. A small group class with few students allows you to participate and learn faster and better.
2 – Well-trained teachers. Another important requirement for choosing your academy and learning the language is to study with the well-trained and experienced teachers. You should try to read more reviews about the teachers online.
3 – Teaching method. The use of a personalized and engaging teaching method normally interests students more. The higher your engagement level in the class, the more you learn how to speak English well.
4 – Clustering of students level in the class. When you are looking for school, you should always check about the organization of their students. Are they studying in different classes based on their levels. It is important to study with fellow students at the similar English level as yourself in the same classes because otherwise you might find the classes too easy or too difficult and you might lose interest soon.

5 – Check if the school offers 1:1 classes. The 1:1 classes are an important features in most of the English schools in the Philippines. The 1:1 Classes at super competitive prices (~USD 7-10 per class) in comparison to other English speaking countries such as Canada, US, Australia, UK etc, where the 1:1 classes are normally offered at USD 60 per class and above. Without any question, for a beginner, Philippines will be an English learning paradise. Ask us anything!

para instagram coloco precios Other details of the English courses.

As an adult learning English, you should think about the duration, the schedule and the flexibility level of these courses beside the above factors because you might have other commitment in lives. Are the schedule fixed or flexible according to yourself? Our courses here are offered in the weekly basis and hence it is very flexible according to your available period. No matter if you have a basic, medium or advanced level of English, you will find some interesting classes here

rawpixel-604743-unsplashInformation about courses

  • Prices From 260 to 374 USD per week.
  • Course duration → From 1 Week
  • Most common schedules → From Monday to Friday to choose – 8am to 6pm (Full day class)
  • Level → From absolute beginner to advanced

Type of English Courses

  • General English → English courses aimed at the development of four basic skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Official exams → Prepare specific tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Special English course that interest you (Such as English+Gym, +Travel, +work, etc)

All other costs covered

  • * Registration fee: USD $ 100
  • * Pick up at the airport: USD $ 30
  • * Accommodation price offered are normally inclusive of 3 meals a day, laundry service from the room, cleaning service, access to the gym and other facilities and WIFI in all buildings.

photo-1518169709214-6d2fff4a8a4eOther costs in the Philippines.

In addition to the tuition fees, accommodation, and food, you should always take into account some associating costs such as visa, air ticket etc. Let’s take a look at those additional fees that will incur for your study trip to the Philippines.

Additional costs

Air ticket From 1200 to 1500 USD  (From European countries)

Special Study Permit – 6500 pesos (~USD 130) valid for 6 months)

Visa extension at around 3500 pesos (~USD 60) from the second month

Phone bill From 300 pesos (~USD 6)

Transport Jeepney from 7 to 8 pesos. (~USD 0.12)


Being a student myself in the same academy, I recommend you not only to study here because it is in a good place, safe, close to everything and less than 2 hours from paradise beach, but to study here because of the teachers’ and classes quality. And finally to finish I make special Attention to classes 1: 1. Why? Why is this 1:1 classes the solution to the problem? Come here and you will find out how important it is to learn at your own pace, own time, own way. Together with your dedication, we will discover our joy of learning once again!



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