January 18, 2019

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4 more Tips to enjoy traveling – Part 2

I hope you find my selection of 5 tips to enjoy traveling more (Part 1) interesting and take advantage of those tips for your next trips. Whatever your next destinations are, with these tips to travel you will get the most out of your adventure and prevent many problems. Today, I will share with you on 4 more tips to enjoy more when you are traveling! Let’s dive in.

photo-1518458028785-8fbcd101ebb9#1 Keep your money scatter: A little here and there

There’s no one safe place on earth. Even an accident happens in the safest place in the world. So it’s always a thumb rule for the seasoned travellers to make sure they have a back-up. Be it the money or documents. Most importantly is the money. My first tip is that you should keep your cash and cards in different places. An example would be to keep a little cash in the wallet, more money in the secret pocket of your jacket or pants and always share it with the person you trust when travelling. In this way, you will avoid losing your entire travelling fund due to accident or theft.

photo-1452697620382-f6543ead73b5#2 Avoid souvenirs at the tourist spots

Keep your memories authentic instead with the locals. One common mistake for the newbie travellers is to buy the usual souvenirs that are cheap and do not carry any cultural authenticity or personalities (Mostly are made in China). You know what will happen next. A scenario, you went to Myanmar and brought back a keychain with Elephant on top and passed it to your friend. Your friend would say “Oh lovely! Did you just come back from Bangkok? No? Bali?” Haha, and next.. you won’t see the keychains again coz most probably they would be tossed into the bin of your friends… Don’t make this mistake. Do not settle for these cheap manufactured souvenirs that have close to zero value. Look for something original, authentic and if possible made by the locals. It will not be easy to find, but it will be part of the activities of your trip, which will be worth remembering. In addition, buying souvenirs with thousand years of histories or tradition behind will always resonate with the local and will always carry more values than any other souvenirs.


Do not settle for the usual souvenirs, cheap and without personality. Look for something original, authentic and if possible make by locals.

#3 Always carry a light raincoat. Do not wet yourself!

In many tropical countries (which are the popular travel destinations among us westerners), the rains come without warning. You should always carry something in the backpack to avoid being caught in the rain! The rain here can be a heavy downpour and you really can’t stay outside without proper attire. You could bring a small umbrella. But I would always recommend bringing a folding raincoat made of the plastic. You only need very little space in your suitcase to store it and they will save you from many troubles. If you could, get those rain coat which are two times your body size so that you can protect your backpack and other personal items such as the camera as well. The raincoat is especially useful when you plan to travel in the rainy season to South East Asian countries (Oct-March) or Australia during their Autumn / Winter season (April – July).

4 Tips para viajar y disfrutar #4 Always carry a power bank and a multi-adapter in your suitcase

One of the best tips that I can give you for travelling is to always carry a power bank and an adapter with multiple plugs that can suit different countries in the world. In such case no matter what destination you go, you wouldn’t be worried about running out of electricity. Mobile phones with a camera have become the essential items for our travelling. Be it using to find location, local tips or taking those beautiful photos, you always need them and you always run out of power soon. Not everyone stays in the hotel with multi-adapter power plug. More likely you will find yourself staying in some local guests houses with a single plug for share use. The multi-power adapter that you carry will then become extremely useful. Also, there might be someone else using the plug when you reach the hostel. With the power bank, you can charge your power bank when everyone is asleep and use it to charge your phone on the go.

photo-1531816494000-90d3ae302088So here are the 4 tips for you! Yes, I acknowledge that these tips are not for everyone as they are primarily tips for seasoned travellers or backpackers. Not everyone adapts to the characteristics of these trips. In the links below you will find more information about travelling tips for your trips and your personal security. Take a look and immerse yourself in the world of wanderers!

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