January 17, 2019

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Top 8 reasons why you should choose to study English in 3D Academy, Cebu, Philippines

Hello everyone!  My name is Quan and I am from Qazakhstan. I have just finished up a week of English study as an intern at 3D Academy, located in Cebu, Philippines. I can honestly say it is one of the most insightful and rewarding opportunities I have ever had. I think it’s time to share a bit about my experience so far.

Studying at 3D Academy with students from different countries, continents and oceans is by far the most amazing experience for me. But why studying in the Philippines had become so popular among international ESL students? And why more and more students in the world choose 3D Academy as their English study destination?  One word – Change. Yes, you can change your life forever here! Not sure why I am saying this? Let’s look at the top 8 reasons why you should study English here:

1. It is a challenge

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is always a challenge. That doesn’t sound great to some people isn’t it? But for the rest of us,  challenge and the feeling of concurring the challenge is what makes the whole experience so valuable and worthwhile.


Be honest, we all have bad habits we want to stop – procrastinating. Maybe you don’t want to do anything when it’s cold and windy outside (Yes the winter gets extremely cold in Kazakhstan). You might have set up a lot of new year resolution year after year but simply forget about them as the year goes by. Well you can end all of these by signing up yourself for a new language course here. The school went all the way out to help us to plan, and to design course that tailor to our studying needs and pace.

2. Experiencing different cultures

One of the biggest advantages of studying in 3D Academy for many international students is the chance to become immersed in a totally different environment. This enriching experience will enable you to see and do things you wouldn’t expect, and meet people who have grown up in totally different cultures than you, and learn to appreciate lives.
For instance, while living in the Cebu, Philippines, you’ll be able to try new food, listen to the  traditional music from different countries through cultural sharing, participate in the local activities and explore everything else your hosting school have to offer.

3. The best way to learn about yourself

Most people who are born in the countries with strict laws are shy and conservative. These traits are partially built due to the environment which do not encourage people to speak up. So people always keep it to themselves and refuse to share their thoughts with someone else.

But here, in the 3D Academy, the environment is totally opposite! Teachers encourage you to speak up and share your thoughts. Peers surrounding you are genuinely curious about yourself, your home country, your thoughts. Everyone you meet are new. They don’t judge you from your past. There’s no expectation on what kind of person you are or you should be. Because of that, there’s no need to fake and pretend to be someone you are not for the social conformity. Everyone just share their own thoughts. You can learn a lot about yourself and your home country this way!

4. Learn Learn Learn

Of course, your goal is always going to get the highest possible quality of education. It will be a good decision to invest in language learning in the 3D Academy, Cebu, Philippines.
The 3D Academy has become the choice of many people such as schoolchildren and their parents, university students, businessmen, diplomats from around the world, and older people. They make the whole learning process so easy for you by providing full accommodation and meals during your stay with the school. They tailor the programs according to our needs and hence we learn at the style we like!

5. Make great friends

One of the huge benefits of studying in the 3D Academy is the chance of beneficial encounters. You can make great friends; I heard some alumnus found their love here. Some ended up doing business together.
Every day, new friendship blossoms. Everyone get the opportunity to create lasting relationships. It really helps us to stay curious and interested in our lives. Exciting lives!

6. Career opportunities and migration

Of course, the main reason of studying English first of all is to improve your lives – be it to advance in your career prospective, to further study your degree and for migration purpose. In a globalized and well-connected world, employers increasingly value graduates with international experience and education.
Studying in the 3D Academy helps us to learn English language, appreciate other cultures, overcome challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world. These are all things that modern businesses look for when hiring, and such traits will only become more important in the future.

7. Travel to many neighboring countries easily

We all like to get something for nothing. One of the travel world’s ultimate freebies is the stopover. The Philippines is not an exception. Include a stopover in your itinerary en route to your final destination (Cebu) is a chance to cross off another place on your bucket list without actually paying to travel there. It’s almost like getting two trips for the price of one!

Imagine you are booking a trip from your home country to Cebu. Why not add a free stopover in Dubai (UAE), Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or somewhere else? This way it will split your long trip and you will see more cool places por gratis! Go look for tickets now!

8. Become independent

It’s often said that going to study abroad is when you become truly independent from your parents and family.
8 Becoming independent is itself a challenge. But living and studying in another country will help shape you into an independent and adventurous adult, ready to succeed in your future goals.

If you’re interested in benefitting from an immersive English study program, you can get in touch with me. At 3D Academy, we will tailor the best English program personally for you! All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. But how? Well first, you need to contact with me. My name is Quan, what means “Happy”, let me make you happier! I am Here to Help You to Make the Right Decision.   Kuanysh@3d-universal.com

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