February 5, 2019

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Amazing experience of our Arabian student in Kawasan falls and Moalboal

Hi, I am “Abdullah Khalid Baqutibah” from Yemen. I am a new student in 3D academy. My hobbies are swimming, watching movies and watching football matches. I arrived in Cebu 20 days ago. Since then, I have visited many places in Cebu. Abdullah Khaled If you enjoy swimming like I do, I would definitely recommend you to go and visit the Kawasan Falls and the Moalboal beach. Amazing 4These are some of the most amazing natural swimming places I have been. In my following post, I will share with you on how to go to these 2 places, the prices, some information and pictures of the places. I will also share with you on the tips to enjoy the most of your experience in the waterfalls and the beach There are three ways to go to the Moalboal and Kawasan Falls from Cebu.

  1. You can go to the Cebu South bus terminal and take a bus to Moalboal. It costs around 100 php (USD 2) to 150 php (USD 3) to Moalboal depending on whether there is air conditioning in the bus. It is around 3 hours bus drive from Cebu city and then you have to change to Motorbike or Tricycle (~cost around 100 pesos per person) and walk a bit to go inside Moalboal beach.
  2. You can rent a car and drive there with your friends (not so common for tourists here because you have to be very familiar with the road and the GPS might not work in certain areas)
  3. You can sign up for some tour package to go to these places. This is my preferred method. It costs normally around 1500-3000 php (USD 30 to USD 60) for a day trip per person if you can get enough people to go with you. They used a big van to drive everyone, the drivers are familiar with all the destinations we would like to go and you can also benefit from the experience of the guide. This is the method that saves the most of your time and will bring you the most satisfaction.

#Tip 1 – Always avoid going out of Cebu at peak hours (Around 6-8am in the morning) to avoid overcrowding. Even though 2.5 – 3 hours drive is a long journey, you will enjoy a lot because along the road you will see beautiful scenery and landscapes in between the Philippines villages. These experiences certainly help you to understand the Philippines better. For myself, we started the trip at 5:00 am. We set off from the 3D academy towards the direction of Kawasan Falls. The trip took about three hours. We did not feel the time passed at all because we were enjoying the beautiful views along the road. At some points, our car was passing through the sea. There are the beachfront beside us, and lots of animals such as horses, cows and birds of all kinds as if they were welcoming us into their lands. You would never get tired of such amazing views. We arrived at the Kawasan Waterfalls first. Our tour guide brought us into a small house where they offer you all kinds of fun activities packages in the waterfalls. You want to jump from the top of the waterfall? Ski down from the top of the waterfall? All can be done! Most of the activities range between 800 pesos (USD 16) to 1000 pesos (USD 20). The price is normally inclusive of lunch. We did not sign up for these activities because we decided to go and explore the waterfalls on our own. Yes you can simply swim at the bottom of the falls and enjoy the natural pool without signing up for any of these expensive activities. From the car park, you have to walk for about 20 minutes before you reach the main entrance to the falls. There are people selling souvenirs along the road so you wouldn’t feel too bored along the way. We simply stopped while we were tired and shopped for some souvenirs along the way. Amazing experience of our Arabian 1Amazing 2 After 20 minutes of walking on foot, we finally reached the entrance. There is an entrance fee of 45 pesos (~USD 0.90) per person. This is such a cheap price to pay to swim at the beautiful waterfalls. The water is so refreshing. It is the best cure for our exhaustive foot! While swimming, we saw a lot of people jumping and skiing down rom the top of the waterfall. Everyone seems to enjoy the waterfalls to the max! Amazing 3 After the swim, we decided to head to the beach of Moalboal. While walking out, we could see many tourists still heading in to the waterfalls. Looks like this is such a popular tourist destination. We were so lucky to be there early and that’s why we could enjoy the falls while it was less crowded. Before we went to the Moalboal beach, we decided to have a quick lunch. After lunch, we went to a small shop beside the Moalboal beach. They offer all kinds of water sport at the sea. We decided to sign up for the diving trip. It costs around 500 pesos (USD 10) per person. I was very excited because this is my first experience diving with fish. While diving, we spotted some turtles as well. It was such a unique experience of its kind. We were very fascinated by the tropical fish and the beautiful ocean. Unfortunately, I did not bring a camera that could work in the water. #Tip 2 – If you are going to dive in Moalboal, be sure to bring a waterproof camera to capture those amazing sea lives in the water. You wouldn’t regret it. Amazing 5 For me, this picture of us gathered with the captain is my only memory of the exciting diving trip. After a full day of fun activities, we decided to return to Cebu City and dine at one of the best restaurants serving delicious Filipino cuisine! We had some local delicacies such as the fried vege and the BBQ fish and meat. They are very delicious. But that’s not the main point of my sharing in this post so I shall not elaborate further on. Amazing 6 Amazing 7 After this lovely dinner, home sweet home we were. This is by far the best experiences for me in my journey so far. And I am looking forward for more exciting trips to come!

This is a guest blogpost contributed by Abdullah khaled. Abdullah khaled is a proud student of 3D Academy admitted under 3D Writer Scholarship. He is from Saudi Arabia and he studies with us for 12 weeks.


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