February 8, 2019

3D Students Review


Hi everyone

As 3D ACADEMY international team working side by side to make the school environment more enjoyable for students as well as learning to enjoy their stay in Cebu, Philippine at 3D ACADEMY.


This time me Ahmed, Namu and Franc worked together and we made interviews with different students from many countries around the world, we asked them questions about their stay here in Cebu and 3D ACADEMY and we are happy and proud that we hear their feedback.

this time we will have student from Spain… let’s hear from him 🙂



  • Where are you from?

  • I’m from Spain


  • Why do you study English?

  • Always I answer the same, Why not? But in this case, I think you need to know the English language and today in the world you need to know some English for your business and for your personal life.


  • Why do you choose the Philippines?

  • The Philippines for me is special place, this is my third time in the Philippines and in 3D this is my second time why? Because in my case for the Spanish people Philippine like a close place, we have similar culture in general of course.


  • How do you know about 3D ACADEMY?

  • All my English course I try to go Spanish Catalonia business or compony in the Spain from Barcelona and they have a webpage.


  • Why are you interested in this school?

  • Ohh, good question… Ok. I didn’t know this Academy specially it’s so far from the Spain but when I got to know about the school from this webpage for language course I was really interested to know more about this school and I’m interested because I think this school has high quality in general.


  • Tell us about your real feeling?

  • My feeling is happy because I know many teachers in general and the staff very friendly original for me it’s like a family.


  • What Do you think about the teachers of 3D ACADEMY?

  • I love them in general truly the native teachers are interesting and Filipino teachers are for me a good teacher and it was really surprise to me to know that.


  • Can you tell us about your experience here in the Philippines?

  • The Philippines for my like second or third house it’s like a special place for me, I love the Filipino people in general and the culture is similar and it’s so interesting for me.


  • What are going to do after you graduate from 3D ACADEMY?

  • Hmm, I will go to the beach (laugh) and in this case I will try to connect between this course in English with tour travel because I’ll go to Hongkong, Australia and New Zealand.


  • Could you give an advice to the future students?

  • Yes, of course, for new students in general if I were them I’ll try to study a lot of the most of their time.


It’s not the end we will continue with the other international students…

thanks for reading and see you soon…


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