February 13, 2019

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Valentine’s Day traditions around the world in 3D Academy

People celebrate Valentine’s Day all over the world. However, there are different ways of celebrating this tradition in different countries. Most traditions involve exchanging gifts and cards. Some countries don’t necessarily have a “Valentine’s Day” but they have another day where love is celebrated. If you want to know more about Valentine’s Day traditions around the world, you don’t need to visit these countries, you just need to visit 3D Academy :)) This week, we sat down with 3D Academy students for the sharing of the Valentine’s Day traditions in their home countries. Students we talked to hailed from Italy, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Spain and Russia. Take a look at some of the traditions around the world through the eyes of our students.


Unlike the other countries, where classmates and families exchange cards, Italy celebrates Valentine’s Day as a lovers-only holiday, says Giulio. Our new intern student from Italy. Baci Perugina chocolates, which have a romantic message written inside the foil, make for a popular gift. “‘Baci’ means ‘kiss’ in Italian,” says Giulio. “When they exchange the Baci Perugina—a little box of those small hazelnut chocolates—they’re exchanging kisses.” Italy Another Italian Valentine’s Day tradition was for young, unmarried girls to wake up before dawn to spot their future husbands. The belief was that the first man a woman saw on Valentine’s Day was the man she would marry within a year. Or he’d at least strongly resemble the man she would marry.


The celebration for Valentine’s Day in Germany is popular among the locals, but not as commercialized as in other parts of the world, says Mr. Ben, student of 3D Academy. You won’t find cute little heart-shaped cards in German classrooms. “In Germany, Valentine’s Day is aimed toward adults only,” says Mr. Ben. Germany “It’s strictly a ‘mature’ subject.” You’ll also be surprised to find pigs aplenty on the day for romance since the animal is a symbol of luck and lust. Couples will give each other pig figurines and pictures, and even chocolate pigs. Also, they prepare big ginger cookies in heart shapes which contain romantic phrases and messages like “Ich liebe dich” (I love you), Mr. Ben concluded.


In Japan the celebration of Saint Valentine’s gets as sweet as a chocolate! Girls give the traditional “Giri Choco”. (chocolates with no romantic association but obligatory to give on that day) They are only given to their male friends, colleagues or even bosses. If they want to show another kind of “affection” they will include a handmade gift plus the “Honmei Choco”. Japan But wait! Males don’t get off the hook so easy! A month later on March 14th, boys have to return the gift with chocolates and more…this day is called “White Day”, says Toru.


If flowers are romantic, then Taiwan, which is famous for their homegrown flowers in the world, boasts the most romantic celebration in the world! And they celebrate it twice a year: February 14th and also on July 7th. Taiwan Here the men are expected to give bouquets of flowers to their beloved one. According to Taiwanese tradition, the color and number of flowers will represent an important message….red roses will represent “an only love”, ninety-nine roses will express “love forever”, and 108 roses signifies popping “The question”…”Will you marry me?”, says Jacky.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia citizens celebrated Valentine’s day for the first time in 2018, says Ibrahim. An old tradition but kept in the dark for too long has made its appearance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in February of 2018. Markets and shops in Al Khobar in east Saudi Arabia have been filled with all sorts of red. Valentine’s day is no longer an occasion that is hidden, and the ban on shops is no longer being enforced. Selling red gifts is now widely seen as an occasion reflecting the depth of human sentiment. This has allowed people to exchange red gifts and beautiful memories among their loved ones.


If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married alongside your best friends, acquaintances, neighbours, colleagues, and the waiter from your favourite restaurant – Valentine’s Day in the Philippines may just be your celebration, said the teacher Ms Reyna. In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day is the time when many young couples marry in an event sponsored by the government as a form of public service. Among the most amazing Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world, this one is a gala event in the country and a special day for young people.


The day of love in Valencia of Spain falls on 9th Oct. This is known as the feast of Saint Dionysus. The festival is celebrated in most of the parts of Spain by making ‘macadora’, a marzipan figurine. The figurines are made by men as a gift to their female companions. SpainOne can also witness colourful parades on the streets of the villages of Spain, says Francisco.


February 14 isn’t just for couples in Russia, where it is known as the Day of Love and Friendship. Balloons, flowers, and cards show appreciation for romantic interests. Russia But also Valentine’s Day is an appropriate reason to drink Vodka. Сracking a smile, Vassiliy said: “If you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Russia, steer clear of Russian Vodka”.

I have heard of many stories where students have found love at 3D Academy! I love hearing these stories. But if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, don’t fret because you may receive anonymous gifts or cards from your secret admirers! It is normal on these days for 3D Academy students to send each other Valentines day presents as it is a nice way to show them that you care about them and that you’re happy they are your friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! And don’t forget to spread the love!


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