March 22, 2019

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What do students do in their free time in Cebu, Philippines?

Learning English requires some serious effort if you really want to achieve the results you want. You have to invest your heart and soul in the learning process. More importantly, you need to integrate English into your daily lives. You have to use English in your daily activities and communication.

In 3D Academy, you will study for almost 8 hours a day. And after school, you will have self-study time to review and do the homework given by the teacher to improve your skills. Then you can participate in some after-school and weekend activities that will help you relax and enjoy your life while you are learning English :))

These activities include cultural exchange, English activities and games, Yoga, dancing or watching movies and so on. The English activities are conducted by the 3D teachers who are mostly young and enthusiastic. This is one of the most popular after school activities among the students.

Gym2 IMG_9858

Besides the free activities, students are also free to take advantages of the privilege of studying in the school, such as enjoying free work-out session in the JY gym, or to take a swim at the Waterfront Hotel. Besides, there are also some weekend activities such as inter-school basketball competitions.

For students who are not interested in these activities, they can also do their self study at the library in the dormitory which opens 24 hours everyday. If they are looking to socialize with other students instead of self studying, they can simply chit-chat with other students at the student lounge which opens till 11pm everyday.

Hiphop2 Movie2 Table tennis Yoga2

There are curfew in the school dormitory in the weekdays – 11pm. But on Friday and Saturday night, there is no curfew. Hence, most students will travel to different islands or different places during the weekends. Just take note that if you are involved in outside camping or group activities, you must fill in the travel form in advance with the school so that the school knows your whereabouts.

So what is school trip or education tour? and where will we go?

Bohol Island

Bohol is one of the places that combines mountain climbing and sea bathing by the difference in terrain. They are famous for places like Chocolate hills, jungle to spot the tiny monkeys, and zipline from hill to hill. It is best advised to stay overnight in Bohol near the beach, the river or the chocolate hills to enjoy the insane sunrise and sunset in this beautiful island.

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is one of the famous and beautiful waterfalls in Cebu that you should save the pictures before returning.

Caohagan Island

This is an island surrounded by nature still untouched, with a population of only about 670 people. This island was bought by a Japanese 25 years ago. And in 1988, a book related to it was published under the title “The Island is nothing but abundance.” Since then, this island has become extremely famous.

And the others places…

There are many places to experience. Choose and feel your life in your own way


If you need to buy for groceries, you can go to JY supermarket near the school (2 minutes walk) to buy for yourself the necessary items.

Weekends are always welcomed and exciting. Students here usually go out for dinner, go shopping with your roommates in Ayala mall, SM mall or enjoy your time IT park. These centers always have discounts and games on weekends.

by-mike-gonzalez-available North_Edsa

Love the adventurous games, you cannot ignore the tallest building in Cebu, where you can challenge with the feeling like Sky Walking,  Edge coaster (sled car running around the building) , Sky Lift (flying between two skyscrapers) is new and the price is not too high (750 pesos for 2 games and 1 buffet meal).


If you need assistance or any information about study, about Cebu or Philippines, you can contact us anytime, anywhere, via

Facebook: 3D.vietnam


Let’s go with us, enjoy your time and improve your English in 3D Academy!!!


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