March 19, 2019

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What to Pack when Studying Abroad in the Philippines

The Study Abroad Packing List

Created for Student by Student

Standard Items


I know students want a detailed list of what to pack when you study abroad. We all get annoyed when someone says “its common sense” because different items are needed for different countries with different climates and these are not common sense if you have never been to these regions before. It would be nice to have some references. So, I’ve put together everything I thought you could possibly want or need when you study or travel abroad in Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines. I wouldn’t expect you to pack everything I’ve listed, so use the list at your own discretion. If you’re wondering how you’re going to survive your first week in 3D Academy, check out my appropriately titled post, “How I survived my First Week in 3D Academy without much English skill!». Feel free to print out both posts and use them as your complete guide and study abroad checklist on how to pack when you learn abroad in the Philippines. As for now, here is my version of the ultimate things to be prepared before going to the Philippines! Let’s pack!

What to Pack When You Study Abroad in the Philippines?

Essential Checklist for Studying Abroad in the Philippines:

• Cash in local currency (Philippine peso) for initial on-site expenses (check your pre-departure information for recommended amount). Keep your wallet in close watch always. If you can’t change it to the Philippines pesos, change it to USD as most money changers here would accept USD.

• Credit cards and ATM card – Notify bank/credit card companies that you are going abroad and enable overseas usage. Take note of the international fees charged by both your bank and the ATM. There are three ATMs near 3D Academy where you can withdraw cash.

• Important documents (passport, visa, itinerary, plane tickets, etc.). Best to always have a photocopies of these important documents and keep it somewhere.

Very Important! All foreign visitors to the Philippines must present a return airline ticket or onward ticket to another country in order to pass through airport Customs. So make sure you don’t just buy a one way ticket and come here.

• School Admission letters (To show it to the custom officer in case they ask). • Driver’s license / photo ID.

• Printed insurance card • Outlet adapter • Sunglasses/ extra eye glasses/ contacts.

• Cell phone (Well I guess no one would forget this one 🙂 )

• Laptop and charger with outlet adapter for the country.

• Go Pro camera w/cords and charger (If you are a photography enthusiast, you can’t forget this one).

• Bath towels (Though you can always buy overseas, but most people would prefer their old towels for the comfort).

• Enough prescription medicine for the length of your stay (You need to make sure you are allowed to bring them into the country and that you have documentation, either the prescription or a doctor’s note).

• MP3 Player/ iPod (for long plane/train rides). Ignore it if your phone has this function.

• Journal/ diary (You’ll be going to many places for your travels. So it’s always nice to have something to write in. Of course I recommend writing a blog and post it somewhere to share with your friends).

• Backpack (for daily use and as your carry while traveling).

• Plastic bottles for toiletries for use in your carry-on or while traveling (the maximum bottle size allowed in the hand carry luggage is 100ml).


Clothing Checklist:

• A hat (the best way to protect yourself from the strong UV rays you’ll experience in the Philippines is to cover up).

• Undershirts

• Underwear (two weeks’ worth)

• Socks (two weeks’ worth plus a pair or two of wool socks). You sweat easily here and hence you will need to change your socks daily.

• Short sleeve shirts

• Workout clothes & Swimwear (good to have is you join a gym of 3D Academy or go to swimming pool).

• Sweaters / Sweatshirt / hoodie (1-2) — Even though it’s hot outside, most classrooms and office buildings are equipped with AC and they really turn it on a lot! You will feel cold indoor.

• Casual ripped holes jeans (1-2 pair)

• Shorts

• One or two belts

• Skirts (for the girls)

• Pajamas

• Swimsuit (for the girls)

• Swimming Trunks (for men)

• Jacket (I recommend at least 2 – one for cold weather, and one that is water resistant). It can get quite cold with the wind especially when you are out to the mountain or sea.

• At least one nice outfit for formal occasions

• Flip flops/ sandals of some sort (also good for campus showers)

• Walking shoes (find a comfy fashionable shoe – walking is a major part of everyday student life, for example from 3D Academy to Cebu IT Park, Ayala Mall).

Note: If something is not enough, you can buy everything in the Philippines for a good price. Also, laundry service here is very cheap (Around 29 pesos per kilogram ~ USD 0.60) and it is available everywhere as most households here are not equipped with washing machines. Students living on campus of 3D Academy get free laundry service!


Toiletries Checklist:

• Toiletry Kit /1-quart zip-top bags

• Sunscreen (this is a vital item, as it will protect you from both skin cancer and sunburn)

• Shampoo/ conditioner

• Toothbrush/ toothpaste

• Soap

• Deodorant

• Feminine products (good for a month)

• Brush / comb

• Razors / other shaving supplies

• Contact lenses and solution

• Glasses

• Nail clippers

• Makeup

• Over-the-counter medicines

• Tissues/ toilet paper


Note: Only your own medicine or personal cleaning items you can’t live without are essential because you can buy everything in the supermarket here. At a certain point ofExcept for the soap, alcohol spray disinfectant, shampoo and towel as a new student welcome pack for you. Hence, don’t worry about it!

No matter when you go, this ultimate study abroad packing list will come in handy when you prepare to leave for your trip. You can always add more items, but these basics will get you by. And lastly, don’t panic if you forget something. There are always supermarkets to fill your needs. I hope you enjoy your study abroad experience to the fullest.


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