April 22, 2019

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“Mud People” Festival in The Philippines

At dawn on June 24 every year, people in the Bibiclat village of Nueva Ecija province, located north of the Philippines, will gather to participate in the culturally-rich “mud” festival of the Filipinos.

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In the village of Bibiclat at Nueva Ecija province, “People in Bibiclat organized a mud festival (also called Taong Putik) to pay homage and remembrance of St. John the Baptist to protect the villagers in the 1940s during the Japanese colonization. “- Norberto Eugenio (village) leader told AP.

According to the history, the Japanese troops in the village of Bibiclat have arrested Filipino youth to execute. Then, the village women and children prayed together for St. John the Baptist to protect them.

Suddenly, the rain down poured from the sky causing the Japanese soldiers to flee. And the villagers were happy to be freed. So they rolled in the mud and organized the mud festival until today.

At the time of the festival, men, women and children together turned into mud people by filling with mud and putting dried banana leaves over them. After that, they lit candles, prayed peacefully and proceeded to pick up the statue of St. John the Baptist to create a strange atmosphere, curious for visitors.

People turn themselves into “mud people” when wearing clothes made of dried banana leaves and full of mud on their faces and bodies. This is how St. John disguised himself when he baptized Jesus, so it became a tradition when the people here celebrated the festival.

People covered with mud and dried banana leaves walking from rice fields to the church during the festival to show reverence for St. John

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Philippines is a country full of interesting festivals in different provinces and rich in its cultures. There is even a strange festival held in Balayan, the Batangas province of the Philippines. It was a roast pig parade (Parada ng Lechon) with images of roasted pigs transformed into human images in unique costumes

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