April 24, 2019

3D Writer Scholarship Students

My 5th week in 3D Academy

Hello everyone, I am Tea from Thailand. Now I am a 17 years old student in an English school named 3D academy, entering my 5th week of study here.


It felt so long but now I have many new friends here. They always keep me warm and comfortable. Over here, it is very easy to make friends. When you are having lunch or dinner at school, people will simply sit together and started chatting regardless of your nationalities. Everyone is so friendly! We talked about where we are from, our previous experience and exchange our culture easily.


My daily life wasn’t much different from the previous week. I still study English hard. And I had completely adapted to the school’s education system. I enjoy each and every class here. We were having a lot of fun. The classes are not boring at all. All of my teachers are so kind.


Last week I had a stomachache due to the street food I tasted over the weekend. Last Saturday we went to a local street food market in Cebu called the “carbon market”. Over there, I noticed many ways of life for people here and many kinds of food. It’s very interesting. The street food were delicious. However, maybe it was too much for my stomach to handle these foreign taste, I was down with diarrhea. But the school staff and doctor gave me some medicine and I recovered within a few days.

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We had a long holiday this week. So I had a day trip with my friends to “Papakits Marina and Fishing Lagoon”. Papakits is a local resort area well known for the exciting activities for friends and families. We had many exciting activities such as zipline, hanging bridge, horseback riding, and fishing. It was such a fun day for me.

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Lastly, I feel very happy with the overall composition here. I enjoy traveling, explore new places, taste new food, and try new things all the time. So far I was able to meet my needs very well here. There are many friends you will meet along the English learning journey here. I can’t wait for another week to begin here. And I can’t help but to wonder, what kind of new culture or new experiences awaits me for the remaining weeks? I will try my best to enjoy and to share it with you. Thank you and see you again next week.


This is a guest blog post contributed by Kluewon Master Teepakorn. Kluewon Master Teepakorn is a proud student of 3D Academy admitted under 3D Writer Scholarship. He is from Thailand and he studies with us for 8 weeks.

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