April 17, 2019

3D Writer Scholarship Students

My First month in 3D Academy

Hello again everyone, my name is Tea, student from Thailand.


I will stay here for 2 months. Without realizing I have been here for 1 month! Time flies. I can not believe that!!! Now I really enjoy my life being a student in 3D academy.


I called with my mother every night. We are very close as a family. We would chat about my experiences everyday. Since they are well aware of my life and progression here, they do not need to worry anything about me. They knew that I am happy here. I miss my family very much.

I really like the system about the class schedule of this school. All of us can change our class, teacher, study room and courses as needed. In no time you will be able to find the most suitable schedule for yourself based on your ability and level. I changed my class almost every week because I want to learn something different every week and to be able to study with new friends. I enjoy the freedom here.

I already stayed in my room for 1 month. Sometimes there are problems in the room, but the school always fixed all the problems quickly. About the cleaning schedule, the school provides room cleaning and laundry services twice a week. I like it so much because I do not need to worry about my clothes at all.


It was a public holiday last Tuesday. I heard it is a religious day in the Philippines. I hang out with my friends from school. On the day, I also went to Lapu-Lapu, a town in Mactan Island, the island beside Cebu where the international airport is located. I went there because I wanted to get a good ukulele. I asked my Filipino teachers about the production of this instrument. Everyone told me that I should look for the ukulele in Lapu-Lapu because there is a town where they produce a lot of it. At the beginning I was a bit hesitant to go there because it is so far from school. Then I asked my teacher to come with me. He was so kind. He took me to Lapu-Lapu and I bought one ukulele.


Recently, we found a night market nearby the school with a lot of street food. I went there for dinner together with my Japanese and Thai friends. This is another happiest meal I had in Cebu.
Thank you for reading my experiences. I want to keep improving my skills. See you next week.


This is a guest blog post contributed by Kluewon Master Teepakorn. Kluewon Master Teepakorn is a proud student of 3D Academy admitted under 3D Writer Scholarship. He is from Thailand and he studies with us for 8 weeks.

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