April 30, 2019

3D Writer Scholarship Students

My sixth week in 3D Academy – Sun

Hi everyone, this is Sun. This is my sixth week in the Philippines. Since I came to study at 3D-Academy, every week had been very exciting. This week is no exception. We went to many places and had a lot of fun.

I went shopping with my friends and bought a lot of clothes. I probably spent too much but it’s ok. First time! The shopping mall here are very large. There are many products you can find in the mall. I bought a few snacks to share with my friends before coming back from the shopping mall. The shopping trip went very well.


Last Thursday, it was the graduation day because we have the monthly level test on Friday. Many friends were leaving. Everyone was sad that friends were leaving. Even though our friendship was just forged over a short time, it has meaning in our lives. This graduation ceremony was extremely emotional and at the same time, exciting. There were students singing, showcasing their talents and everything. Everyone was so emotional. I almost cried!


  And I went to eat Thai food with my friends. I miss Thai food so much. My Japanese friends thought it was a bit too spicy for them. It’s very common for us to have spicy food. But all of them agree that Thai food is delicious! I was so glad to share my national food and my favorite food to my new friends. The next day, we went to eat a delicious pizza with friends and teachers. All the teachers were very friendly. We always hang out together. It is not your traditional classroom style of learning. We all learn from each others. Everyday here is filled with new discovery and excitement!

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Lastly, I have only two weeks left here. It felt strange. I would definitely miss here. My room, my teachers, friends and this school. But at the same time, I miss home, my parents and family. I hope to enjoy the most for my next two weeks! See you!


This is a guest blog post contributed by Sue-im Master Ratchanon. Sue-im Master Ratchanon is a proud student of 3D Academy admitted under 3D Writer Scholarship. He is from Thailand and he studies with us for 8 weeks.



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