April 30, 2019

3D Summer School

Sending Your Child for 3D Academy English Study Courses? 16 Common Concerns of Parents – Answered!

You’ve booked your loved little one for the 3D Academy summer language course and they are all set for their big adventure abroad. Excitement and apprehension bring a mixed bag of emotions for a parent and it’s understandable. You want to make sure your baby has a fantastic time, At the same time, you are worried about this and that because this is the first time they are going abroad on their own. We get it! So we’ve put together a list of the most common parent worries to help put your fears to rest.

1.How does my child get from the airplane to 3D Academy? Are they safe?

3D Academy offers a transfer service for all of the students. From the moment you touch down at the Philippines airport, you will be greeted by 3D Academy student managers. They will arrange transport to bring you to school. Tell them to look out for a friendly looking 3D Academy representative, who will be holding a sign with 3D Academy logo on it. Sometimes other children are picked up at the same time, so it’s a great chance for your child to start making friends!

3D Academy Student manager greeting at the airport 3D Student manager will wait for you at the airport

2. Where will my child sleep? Who will they share their room with?

Accommodation options vary per dormitory, so it will depend on what you book. We have single en-suite room available for our students who prefer a little privacy. But most of the children choose to stay in triple or quadruple rooms with two or three other children. Because you know, it won’t be summer camp without friends :)) When placing students, 3D likes to place students with different nationalities in one room so they can have a multi-cultural exchange. All the dormitory shared rooms are strictly separated according to gender, keeping the boys and girls apart. If you have a special request, just ask us and every effort will be made to accommodate it. For example, we have Russian English school collaborated with us and send us the student in group every year. If your child joins one of the groups, don’t worry the school will take care of all arrangement pre agreed between the Russian and 3D School. Your child will sleep with other Russian kids.

3D Dormitory 3D Dormitory quadruple room

Campus Public Safety Officers and school staff are responsible for the smooth operation of their dormitory halls and the safety and productivity of the students.

3. Can my child get their clothes washed?

Yes! All of our dormitories offer laundry service twice weekly for free! We will do our best to pick-up your laundry at the scheduled time and return it on the same day.

Rest assured though, we carefully track your clothes. For instance, we tag all our bundles with your room number, and your clothes are never mixed up in our facility unless they’re inside a machine, on the folding table, or in their own laundry cart waiting to be folded.

Each and every one of our laundry attendants and staff is thoroughly trained to each task and has completed all of the necessary safety training. We guarantee you that we only use safe and environmentally friendly detergents and dry-cleaning products that efficiently clean every different type of fabric you have.

With the assurance of fast, complete and quality service, we will be appointing one person from our office in order to facilitate communications and guarantee on time delivery.

In fact, many students highly recommend 3D Academy because of the excellent laundry services (Don’t laugh) 😛 Some Taiwanese even commented that laundry service is 5 stars in 3D Academy 🙂

4. What if my child doesn’t like the food?

Thousands of parents across the world are experiencing this same nightmare: Your child calls from school with the news that the yucky cafeteria food has been replaced with something much more exciting. Your children with his friends have opened for themselves McDonald’s, Jollibee, Pizza Hut and KFC.

It’s important to remember that your kids aren’t born with a craving for French fries and pizza and an aversion to broccoli and carrots. This conditioning happens over time as kids are exposed to more and unhealthier food choices. However, it is possible to reprogram your children’s food cravings so that they crave healthier food instead.

Whether they’re toddlers or in their teens, children develop a natural preference for the foods they enjoy the most. To encourage healthy eating habits, the challenge is to make nutritious choices appealing.

At 3D Academy we think about our menus carefully. In the restaurant of 3D Academy there are always several food options. Different menus from different countries will be served in routine to better cater for students from different parts of the world. Kitchen staff meet daily to discuss feedback on the meals, with every care taken to make sure your child enjoys their meals.


Catering to different children with different requirements can be hard. For example, if the Muslim population at our school is not the majority, but we’d like to cater for children who require Halal foods, we try to talk with the children’s parents of our school about their needs and putting a system in place that satisfies requirements, same situation for vegetarian or vegan children.

We all know that healthy eating can help children maintain a healthy weight, avoid certain health problems, stabilize their energy, and sharpen their minds.

5. How much money should my child bring? Will it be safe?

Around 2000 pesos (~USD 40) a week is enough for your child to have a good time.

But if your child wants to get an unforgettable experience for a trip to the islands, they might need to bring more cash with them. For instance, to visit the Bohol island for a 2 days 1 night trip, you will need about 5,300 pesos (~USD 100) (including transfer, food, and other expenses). To visit Oslob & Sumilon Island for a day trip, you need 3,200 pesos (~USD 60).

Each student who will study for less than 19 weeks makes a deposit of 2,500 Peso (~USD 50). The deposit is kept in a safety box. Students can use the deposit to buy textbooks, pay for photocopying and electricity as they need. At the end of the course, any amount left will be returned to your child.

6. Will my child’s possessions be safe?

Bringing a padlock would be a good idea. However, we recommend that your child doesn’t bring anything too valuable or precious. Anything valuable, like passports or tickets, will be kept safe by 3D Academy.

Our residents‘ safety and security in 3D Academy and around the dormitory is important to us. The Campus Safety personnel regularly patrol campus grounds 24 hours a day, including visits to all building entrances. Each floor has an individual video control system (CCTV). This system allows for office of 3D Academy to track when and who is in and out of the room.


Your child can receive help anytime from our staff. We have interns and  managers who are responsible for responding to dormitory emergencies, providing information desk services, and enforcing rules and regulations. Your safety is our first priority!

7. Will my child make friends?

Yes! Whether they are part of a group or coming on their own, the full schedule of classes and activities will ensure your child to make a lot friends from different countries!

Let’s take a look at the students trip to Caohagan Island and how they make friends with locals and all other students!

8. What happens if my child gets homesick?

The staff is experienced in looking after youngsters and they know that homesickness can be common. If a child is upset, there is always a member of staff on hand to have a chat with, who will also be able to facilitate any calls home.

9. How can I speak with my child? How often?

24/7. With the many avenues of social media you’ll always be in touch with your child. Once booked, you’ll get your Student Handbook which will contain the school’s contact information including the address, email, the School Manager’s phone number.

10. What happens if my child has a problem with another child?

The key is communication. On the first day of orientation, students are told who to speak to if there are any problem. Staff are trained to look out for any issue among students or children who look upset or quiet. Stopping any problem before they get too big will make sure that any blip don’t stop the children from learning or having a good time.

11. My child takes regular medicine, how should I send the medicine and who will give it to them?

For your child to come to an English language school, they must be comfortable administering any regular medicine by themselves and understand what they are doing. Staff can help children, for example, monitors them of the dose timings, but your child must be able to take care of themselves. Please send the medicine in with clearly labeled packaging and stating the times and doses.

12. What happens if my child is ill or has an accident?

There is a qualified nurse stationed at the school clinic. If your child falls ill, the nurse will look after them. If something more serious happens and your child requires hospital treatment, a member of staff will accompany your child to go to the hospital. You would be kept informed regardless of the time of day and if you need to come to the Philippines, the school staff can help you to look for accommodation and transportation etc. If your child needs urgent medical intervention, then (as with any child without a parent with them in hospital) medical staff will make the decision on treatment given. In many cases, getting travel insurance is a good decision to cover your non-refundable travel expenses.

13. Who supervises my child outside of class time? Will they get bored?

If your child is staying in our dormitory, there is staff on every floor. And they will also have their buddy leader to keep an eye on them. With a full class, activity and excursion program, there won’t be time to get bored!

3D Movie Screening every Monday and Wednesday 3D Movie Screening every Monday and Wednesday

After-class entertainment is scheduled every evening, including fun activities such as dancing, yoga, movie screening, cultural exchange and English games etc.

14. What if my child doesn’t want to go to lesson? Can they opt out?

While 3D Academy students are allowed considerable latitude to create their class schedule, this freedom is not absolute. Within every society there are cultural norms; expectations for what a student should know and be able to do by a certain age. Your child will have to take part in all lessons, as it forms part of their whole experience.

3D Lessons

3D Group classes

Our mission is to ensure every child becomes a happy, hard-working, and thoughtful adult. At 3D Academy great care is taken to create the stimulating and exciting programs. If for some reason it appears that a child needs time and support until he or she is developmentally ready, 3D Academy staff provide it non-judgmentally.

At 3D Academy, your child will work closely with our guidance counselors and staff. Ultimately, we see the school’s role as a connector of resources and opportunities.

15. What if my child doesn’t understand their teachers and the lessons?

On your child’s first day they will be given a level test and placed into the class according to their ability. 3D Academy teachers have a wonderful knack of making themselves understood regardless of a student’s level. The great thing about coming to the Philippines to study English is that your child will be immersed in English. When thrown in at the deep end, progress can be astounding.

16. What if my child needs to improve their English level?

Your child’s progress is tracked. The teachers are great at spotting children who need to level up and will always make sure your child is in the right class for them.

This will be an experience your child will remember for a lifetime; and our staff is here to make sure that it’s a positive one!



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