April 30, 2019

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The Sixth week of my life in 3D Academy

Hello, my name is Tea from Thailand. This week marks my 6th week in 3D ACADEMY. Today I will continue sharing my daily life studying English in the Philippines, from the subject of study, the food we ate to various stories of my friends. Keep reading.

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Entering my 6th week in the Philippines, I have no problem with adapting the studying environment here at all. The classrooms, the dormitories, the food, the surrounding, all feel like home now. Talking about food here, the school restaurant will take turns to serve cuisines from different countries everyday. So far, I have tried Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food and Philippine food. It was very nice for me to be able to try these food. But sometimes, I miss my country food – Thai food.

So one day, me and my brother decided to go to a Thai restaurant to solve our craving for Thai food. We went there with many Japanese friends who are trying Thai food for the first time in their lives. When the food arrives, I felt so touched by the food. That’s the smell of home! My Japanese friends were so eager to try on those food. But they told me the food is too spicy for them. It’s funny because we Thai really love our spicy food and we do not feel it is spicy at all. But in the end they all love Thai food. It was definitely a fun meal and we shared a lot of stories during our cuisine outing this time.

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As of now, I have met many friends from different countries. They are the students of this school and the Filipino friends we met when we were traveling. I can honestly tell you that Filipinos are all very kind and generous. They are always eager to talk with us, curious about our background and never hesitate to help us to get around in their country! We couldn’t be happier.

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Last week, we traveled to a flower garden in the Philippines named SIRIO GARDEN. It is an outing with our school friends including Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese. Sirio Garden is located on the mountain. There are more than flowers in the garden. Every corner of the place is very picturesque. We were amazed by the scenery and just kept stopping to take photos. We started our trip in the daytime when it was generally quite hot. However, in this mountain, there was always cold wind blowing in the air. In such a natural atmosphere, I forgot about the heat. We were so happy exploring the places together.


When we wanted to take a group photo, we asked a random local Filipino group we saw along the road to help us to take the picture. After a few exchange of pleasantries and self-introduction, we suddenly become good friends! We exchanged our social media information to send each others pictures. Then we talked about various things in everyday life. Such as how we came to study here and my daily life in Thailand. That’s how easy friendship is made being here in the Philippines. Filipinos are the most friendly people in the world!


During the entire course of my studies here, there is always new stories every week. Our teachers keep thinking about the new topics for my study every week. Right now I am getting very close to all my teachers. We are like a family. I have never felt bored with various subjects being learned in this school.  But the only problem is that I felt sleepy all the time due to the lack of sleep, which is my fault. I am still trying to fix this problem of my own and I will work hard for that. Thank you everyone who read my story.  See you in my new story next week.  Thank you very much!



This is a guest blog post contributed by Kluewon Master Teepakorn. Kluewon Master Teepakorn is a proud student of 3D Academy admitted under 3D Writer Scholarship. He is from Thailand and he studies with us for 8 weeks.

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