April 11, 2019

3D Writer Scholarship Students

Week 3 of my studying journey in 3D Academy

Hi, my name is Ratchanon Sue-im. You can call me Sun. Time flies, I’ve been here in the Philippines for 3 weeks now. I am still adapting to the life over here. Let’s take a look at my third week in 3D Academy.

4/1/2019 – Week 3 in 3D-Academy

Everyday, I follow the same routine. I wake up in the morning at 7am, take a shower and then go for the vocabulary test before having my breakfast till 8am. Then I go to the main building to start my daily classes.

After 3 weeks of hard work, I felt my English is getting better. I am happy with my days here most of the time except Friday. Why? Because Friday is the graduation day. I have met many friends over the past 3 weeks. Every Friday, some of my newly met friends would graduate and return to their country. I miss them already despite the short time we spent together here. Last week, I went out too late and broke the curfew. As a Semi-SPARTA course student, we have to come back to the dormitory and do the self-study from 9pm. I received a penalty. But it was my first time. So I took it easy. I wrote an apology letter and it was ok. Most of then time I would be very tired after finishing my classes and I just wanted to sleep right after the class.

So nothing much happened this week because I stayed in the dormitory to study and rest most of the time. I wrote this essay on Wednesday and finished by Sunday. I called my parents weekly as greetings for their well-beings. They know that I am studying hard here and they agreed to buy PS4 for me! I miss them very much. I miss my home and my country sometimes. But I know that staying here to study English is my priority for now. Life here is good as well. I would catch a movie with my friend here this weekend.

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Movie that we would watch is about a super hero. The storyline is about a boy named Shazam. He would receive super power from an old man. I hope we will enjoy it.

Finally, I would end my diary here because there’s nothing much happening this week besides studying. But I can tell you that i’m very happy to stay here. Food here provided in the school is very delicious.


They taste kind of similar to Thai food. I will focus on gaining more knowledge for now. See you in my next post.

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This is a guest blog post contributed by Sue-im Master Ratchanon. Sue-im Master Ratchanon is a proud student of 3D Academy admitted under 3D Writer Scholarship. He is from Thailand and he studies with us for 8 weeks.


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