April 29, 2019

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What is “Working Holiday”?


Traveling combined with working abroad

Working Holiday allows us to experience traveling in a country for a longer period of time while working to support their travel. The common length of the working holiday is around 1-2 years. Many people find some short-term jobs in different areas as a way to visit and experience a country. In most cases, “Working Holiday” requires the special visa and there are “quotas” every year for this special category subjected to your citizenship. Many young people around the world are taking up this opportunity to have an adventure, work together with a million friends from all over the world, and experience new things every year! For people between the ages of 18 and 30, a combined vacation can be the easiest way to travel overseas without spending much money. Some people are able to make some money with this little adventure.

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How to find jobs and accommodation?

There are many seasonal jobs in different countries! The most common jobs include waitress in the local restaurants or cafe, fruit picking, gardening, hotel or resort staff, and temporary office work.

With a good attitude and flexibility, it will not be difficult to find short-term jobs. On the websites of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, many databases and job information are provided. Most working holiday program participants often combine their stay in dormitories and short-term rental apartments.

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Traveling with friends and meeting other people on the show?

There are many travelers who work on holidays. Hence it is an opportunity for most people to work with new friends. If you are a shy person, we recommend you to subscribe to activities like surfing or diving courses …! If you go with friends, the holidays are a good time to spend your days together

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How to start?

First start with knowledge of the language, at least you must have a good communication skill to exchange information with people.

What are the English terms that appear often in the application forms, visa, immigration, job application form? What do I need to prepare for the job interview? No sweat! 3D is here to help. 3D Working Holiday Survival English Course is specially designed for adventurous individuals from non-English speaking countries. It helps them to build up their basic conversation, jobs application, visa and immigration English terms and vocabulary.

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Next is how you update information about visa application, check-in, how to find work, accommodation … lots of things need to be planned to make sure you don’t miss out on any necessary information.

The Survival English Course in 3D Academy will bring absolute confidence to those who have dreams of a job and an international environment. 

Hope this information will help you!

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