May 24, 2019

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6 Activities to do in Boracay!

Boracay Island is the most popular island in the Philippines. So what are the charms  Boracay possess to attract so many visitors?


1 Island Hopping

The Philippines is made up of many beautiful islands. One popular activity among the locals is called “island hopping”, where they just hop around different islands by boat to enjoy the nice beaches. There are many beautiful beaches here in Boracay that we cannot name. Typical of them are beaches like: Puka beach, Tambissan beach, Crocodile beach, Crystal Island Crystal Cove. A lot of tour operators offer island hopping activities with lunch buffet.



2 Scuba Diving

Boracay is a heaven for scuba divers. Under the island of Boracay island, there is a rich natural beauty of corals living there. The beautiful coral reefs, the fish swimming in the herd will surely make you not bored when you come here.

There are 15 famous diving sites in Boracay Island. All these locations have beautiful and unique coral reefs. There are underwater tunnels and caves for you to explore.

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3 Rowing Paraw

Coming to Boracay island without sailing is a pity. The Paraw boat is a unique type of boat with two main sails. You can paddle on the water while enjoying the natural view of the beach at Boracay. The best timing to go sailing is during sunset time. We are sure that you will experience surprises after surprises when participating in Paraw sailing at sunset.

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4 Paddle Standing

It sounds like surfing but this activity doesn’t need too much skill like surfing. This activity is easier than surfing, you only need to know some simple skills to control the boat.

Because this activity requires still water, it is often carried out in rural areas. This is a quite a special activity in Boracay. So you definitely have to try it when you are in Boracay.

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5 Cliff Jumping

Join the operation to jump into the water from the cliff.

The special place to do cliff jumping in Boracay is called “Ariel point cliff diving”. Dubbed as a thrilling and adventurous sport of Boracay, jumping into the water from this cliff has attracted many tourists to join.

There are 5 different high and low jumps. The highest jump is to jump from a cliff with a height of 13 meters. The lowest jumping point is 3 meters. There are cliffs with elevations of 7 meters, 6 meters and 5 meters.

This game is appreciated by many travelers and is recommended to try at least once in your life.


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6 Discover the game “Flying Fish”

Although it is a thrilling and exciting activity in Boracay, it is dangerous as well, definitely not for the faint of heart.

You will be entwined with a giant fish-shaped buoy and pulled by a large high-speed ship in the Boracay Sea. It is not uncommon for passengers of the boat to be thrown out into the sea half way through the ride. In fact, by the end of the ride, 50% of the passengers will be thrown out of the water. Whoever remains “win”! Haha. This is a popular and suitable game for many thrill seekers around the world!

Above is some information to help you answer the question” What to do in Boracay?”



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