May 6, 2019

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How to maintain an English conversation with foreigners?

Perhaps for many people, maintaining an English conversation is the most difficult thing to do. Even though they understand what the other person says and knows how to answer, it still doesn’t suggest the story. Here are tips to help you extend your natural English conversation with foreigners.

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How to maintain an English conversation? 

After getting acquainted with your new friends, you need to know how to maintain an English conversation. This is not an easy task to do, especially when this is not your native language. But if you know how to learn some conversation skills, you can communicate comfortably and confidently.


  • Ask some open-ended questions:

Always stay connected with the friend by asking many open-ended questions. E.g.:

+ “What do you think about it?”

+ “How do you feel?”

+ “How was it? / How did it happen?”

+ “What can I do for you?”

  • Express your feelings when having English conversation

This is an important factor for a more natural conversation. You don’t need to say much, just use a word that shows that you are interested and listen to the conversation in English that is enough. You can try using the word “Really?” (So?), “Right” (Yes), or “Sure” (Sure). You can even express that you are listening without a word, such as “Mmm” or “uh-huh”. In addition, to express emotions in the conversation, you can also use a short phrase like “How awful!”, “Oh no!”, “You “re joking?” (Are you kidding?), “What a pity!”. 


  • Use body language

Expressing interest, sympathy and listening in body language while having a conversation helps you to become more friendly. This is a way to make your friend feel more comfortable. You can express body language like:

+ Look at the opponents eyes when they speak

+ Smiling

+ Nodding in agreement

+ Do not fold your arms over your chest

+Do not pay attention to the phone screen or other devices. Instead focus on the conversation


  • Repeat what the friend said

Use this special way if the other person says something that surprised you. e.g.:

+ A: He won £ 200 on the lottery.

   B: £ 200!? How lucky he is! 

+ A: I’m going to Barbados next week. 

   B: Barbados? That sounds interesting!

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  • Do not ask the “yes” or “no” questions

Try not to ask the questions with the answers limited to “yes” or “no”. If you ask the questions your friend has no choice but answer with one word and the conversation will end quickly. To limit this while talking in English, you need to formulate the habit of asking questions with:

+ “What …?”

+ “Who …?”

+ “When …?”

+ “How …?”

+ “Why …?”

+ “Where …?”


  • Raise your own opinions and thoughts

Everyone in the conversation express their opinions. If you talk about something differently, it will help you and your friend to feel more excited. At the same time, it also shows them your point of view. 

+ “Anyway, …”

+ “Well, as I was saying …”

+ “So, back to …”

+ “So, we were saying …”


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