May 14, 2019

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Instructions on how to fill in the Philippines Immigration forms

If this is your first time going overseas, you might be totally lost at the immigration forms you have to fill in, in addition to other cultural shocks. In order to help you to avoid the problems that may arise at the airport immigration, I am now sharing the instructions to fill in the Philippines entry declarations with you now.

Completing the entry forms is one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not you can enter into the Philippines. Therefore, you need to declare accurately with fully information on the declaration form when entering into the Philippines (In fact to any country in the world).New-Cebu-Airport_3_CNNPH

How to fill in the immigration entry form?

When you land at any airport in the Philippines, you should follow the guided path towards the immigration counters. Before the immigration counters, there is a place with immigration forms where you have to fill in your information such as the purpose of the trip.

In case you need to use the bathroom, there are public toilets inside the airport before the immigration custom. So don’t worry.

The declaration sheet includes information such as:

– Last Name (capital letters)

– First Name (capital letters)

– Middle Name (capital letters)

– Phone number or Email

– Passport number

– Departure country

– Country of residence

– Job

– Flight number

– Entry purpose

– Signature of the person declaring entry


If you are coming to the Philippines to study English, you need to declare the purpose of travel as education. Together with the form, you need to submit a two-way ticket, a LOA letter (Letter of Agreement/Acceptance) from the school to the officer at the  customs. The custom officer might ask you some questions such as how long will you be staying, address of the school, etc. Don’t worry, just prepare all the documents from the school and show it to them. If you don’t understand their questions due to your limitation in using English, you can immediately show the paper and just tell them “Study English”. They would understand it.

How to fill in customs declaration form

The customs paper declarations are mainly written in English. But these English words are quite simple words. Here are some common questions in the form.

– Fill in last name / first name / middle name

– Check gender (Male or Female). Enter the date of birth in the order: month / day / year.

– Nationality (Vietnamese) / Occupation

– Passport number / Date of issue

– Address of residence in the Philippines / Address in Vietnam

– Flight number / Airport Name departed from / Arrival date

– Entry purpose

– Number of family members accompanying

– Number of checked and hand carried luggage

– Other questions (usually the answer is No)

– Signature of declarant


Accurately filling out this form is very important and must match the information on your passport. If not, you will surely be in trouble at the immigration counter.

Note when filling out information: to reduce and avoid problems when entering into the Philippines, you need to fill out the declarations fully and correctly as soon as you receive those declarations on the plane. During the process of filling in the form if you encounter any problems, you can ask the people sitting next to you or the flight attendants on the plane. They will definitely help you with enthusiasm.

Some notes for the entry procedures into the Philippines

If you bring in more than 15 million VND to enter into the country, you must declare that amount to the authorities. You will declare the source where the money comes from and the purpose of bringing this amount of money.

VERY IMPORTANT! You must have a passport with a validity of more than 6 months from the date of entry into the Philippines when you are traveling. Otherwise, you will have problem entering or exiting the country.

Above are some information about how to fill in the immigration declaration form. I hope you will find these information useful. Welcome to the Philippines and I wish you enjoy the trip here.

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