May 17, 2019

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Hello, my name is Tea. I’m a student from Thailand and my last week has ended. Today I will share my experience and the conclusion after I came to study in this school for 2 months

Tea Week 8

    When I look back at the first day, I couldn’t help but feeling how much my mind had changed. At that time, I had both feelings of negligence, fear, and assertiveness. And I think I came to study only and I wanted to focus on my study so much. But what I got back I realized I have gained more than I expected. I studied the life of each country when I studied English in the Philippines because I had made so many friends from different countries. And I started to be exposed to the personality of each person. Then they helped me to develop my own identity at the same time. I have a much better attitude now. And I started to create plan for myself in the future. In the past, I never thought about this. I felt like I have grown up to be a man now!

Tea Week 8 2

For me now the most important thing is friend. There are so many students coming from different countries in this school. I spent some time adjusting my routine and my personality, and eventually I was able to make friends. Most of my friends are Japanese. They are always kind and caring. I am very attached to them.

Tea Week 8 3

In the classroom, I have learned many lessons from my teachers. The knowledge that I have acquired, I would always use in my daily life. I also realized that I had developed my English language skill in every aspect, especially speaking. There are many students and very few Thai students in the school. So I have to use English to communicate with everyone.

Tea Week 8 4

   Because of all my friends, my 2 months stay passed by quickly. In fact I feel so sad that my 2 months has ended now. Saying goodbye might be the thing that I don’t like the most during my time here. I hate leaving. It’s very sad to leave my friends and teachers. It’s the first time I am so attached to the teachers.

Tea Week 8 6 Tea Week 8 5

     Lastly I would like to thank all my teachers and my lovely friends. And this school that gives me the opportunity to develop myself. I am very proud of myself studying here. We have created so many lovely memories and friendships. I sincerely hope that I will come back to study here again. Be a student of every lovely teacher and make many new friends again.

Tea Week 8 7 Tea Week 8 8 Tea Week 8 9


This is a guest blog post contributed by Kluewon Master Teepakorn. Kluewon Master Teepakorn is a proud student of 3D Academy admitted under 3D Writer Scholarship. He is from Thailand and he studies with us for 8 weeks.

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