May 7, 2019

3D Writer Scholarship Students

My Last week in 3D Academy!!!

Hello everyone, this is Tee from Thailand. Without realizing this is my last essay in my life as a student in 3D Academy. I have many stories to share to all my friends.


First of all I was very shocked at how everything passed by so quickly here. This is already my last week in school (I study here for 2 months) and it felt just like 1 week! Maybe because it’s so fun to live here. I made a lot of friendships with many people here including my teachers, my classmates from all over the world and Filipino friends that I met here when traveling.

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My last week’s routine has no difference from my first week. I still wake up daily at 7:00 am, review the lesson and then enter into the English vocabulary exam for my morning test. After having breakfast, I would then walk across the building for my classes. I study for 7 hours per day. Because the classes are so fun and interactive, I felt the classes hours pass by quickly. Time flies and it’s been 2 months that I am here. I had learnt so much more than just the English language skills. I will tell you what have I learn here over the past few months.

Firstly, after living here, I started to have more courage to speak English and to improve my English language ability. I dare to open my mouth and use English as my main language of communication, be it to make new friends, to understand the lessons, or to live in this society

Secondly, I learn a lot of communication skills. The students in this school are so friendly. We always travel, hang out and visit different restaurants together.

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Last week, we went to the beach with classmates here, mostly Japanese. The place we visited is Malapascua. The island is far from Cebu city, around 5 hours spent on the journey from Cebu city. By the time we reach Malapascua, we just rested in our hotel. On the 2nd day, we took a boat to another island called kalangaman island. The island is so beautiful! Almost like a paradise. Really I think it’s the most beautiful island I have seen in my life. We swam there and enjoyed the beach! It was so happy being surrounded by friends in such heaven.

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Lastly, I would like to thank all the 3D Academy school teachers, staff and friends here. They always care about me. There are times when I got sick, had diarrhea and fever. They were always there for me, handing me medicine and helping me with the recovery. I was so impressed. After I returned from my country, I will continue to study English. And I sincerely hope that I will have the opportunity to come back to study here with my teachers and meet my new friends again. Thank you for everything.


This is a guest blog post contributed by Kluewon Master Teepakorn. Kluewon Master Teepakorn is a proud student of 3D Academy admitted under 3D Writer Scholarship. He is from Thailand and he studies with us for 8 weeks.

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