June 11, 2019

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Nightlife in Cebu

Although holding the title as the oldest city in the country, Cebu is still a modern cosmopolitan city combined with the traditional culture of the Philippines. Cebu is now the largest city after Manila. Cebu brings great things to the arts, culture, and cuisine of the Philippines. You are sure to find yourself in a beautiful trip more than great here.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Cebu or to study English here, participating in the activities of Cebu night market will surely bring an unforgettable experience for you!

Beside night market in IT park, http://3d-universal.com/en/blogs/2016/10/night-market-in-cebu-things-you-dont-know-about-cebu-life.html today I will recommended you Colon Night Market.


Located on the small street along Colon street, Colon Night Market brings a warm look of Cebu. Along the street, sometimes you can experience Tricycle – a 3-wheeled motorcycle that can carry lots of customers and things conveniently. From a bustling city traffic street, Colon turns into a lively night market near the Christmas season. The night market in Cebu is not held all year.


The Colon Night is a program launched in 2007 that turn the busiest streets in Cebu into a business location like Divisoria in Manila. Here you can find a variety of goods and tools for a low price to meet your needs.

The Colon Night Market offers an irresistible charm from the sparkling night life as well as the unique and diverse cuisine. Here you can find bags, clothes, electronics, accessories, toys, fruits, dry goods, schools, offices, household supplies, decorations and “everything under the sun. Sun “. And if you’re hungry, there are lots of food stalls and street food, you can try.

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Seeing the night clubs right in the street of the night market, many people enjoy their own flavors. These are strange and delicious dishes such as Tapsilog, Tapa cow, Itlog (egg) and Sinangag (fried rice). The food items are sold quite diverse such as squid, fish stuffed with grilled vegetables, shrimp, grilled skewers, chicken … extremely eye-catching if you can enjoy them even once. Dubbed as the birthplace of great flavors that you hardly find anywhere.


Through the streets of gastronomy, you will find items such as clothes, shoes and bags. The range of items you can find here are extremely diverse. It is almost like the items on sale at Vietnam’s night market with their own unique style. Since people here are mostly Catholic, a variety of jewelry with religious symbol can also be found here. With only 14 pesos you can own a very beautiful and meaningful rosary which you can make gifts for relatives and friends if you want, in addition to jewelry items such as necklaces, watches, bracelets also many models and beautiful.

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Just be careful that the street can be chaotic. Although the security control is generally high here, but when coming here we recommend you to dress modestly, not wearing jewelry too ostentatious. Always keep a lookout of your personal belongings.

Hope you will have a trip to Cebu with many imprints of the unforgettable Colon Night Market night market!

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