July 3, 2019

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Studying abroad is a memorable time. But at the same time it could be stressful. You will be under the  pressure to adapt to the weather, environment, culture, to follow the curriculum and to achieve personal goals. However, it is with these pressure that every moment spent in life become invaluable. You get to learn, play, experience and explore at the same time. Today I will share about my amazing experience of scuba diving!!!

The 3D students started from the school at 8 am by school car. After 1 hour, we reached Tonggo Beach, where we would start the tour of the sea activities.

Scuba Diving is a fascinating experience. When you are under the water deep in the ocean, you felt you are in “another world”.


“If you don’t know how to swim, can you enjoy scuba diving ???”

– Of course YES.

I can barely swim. So when I first decided to go for scuba diving, I was very afraid. Nervous yet excited. That was how I felt. But here in our trip, there is a support team who were always ready to accompany those who can’t dive like me. They swam next to me and guide me to the coral. They show me how to breathe and protect me <3 So Cool!

As for people who feel confident with their swimming skills, they can dive on their own, and explore the ocean in their own way.

All in all, even if you can’t swim, you can still enjoy scuba diving! I did! Be confident!


You “Have to” step out of the safety round of yourself

No matter what language you use, good or bad, going to the ocean, all people use only one language and this experience gives you a new way of seeing the world.

You “must” try it! After trying, you will discover a completely new world!

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The earth contains 72% water. Can you imagine that? 7 billion of us are only occupying 28% of the remaining area of earth. When you are under the water, it is a completely “new world”. The underwater world was in front of my eyes and real, not in television screen. Dive down to feel the spectacular underwater scenery, the coral reefs stretching here is colorful. What a surprise when there was suddenly a large group of fish swim over you. I was so excited when I saw the creatures that I don’t know what to call even. Underwater world is strangely peaceful. When you see those fish and all living beings under the water, suddenly a lot of your stress in life become so forgettable and so far away. You felt the world is vast, and what little problem you have other than embracing this big new world. A world that is completely quiet, relaxed and has no worries about a real life at that time.

Anyway, this scuba diving tour is still really charming, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Let’s try it now!

Hope this information will help to make your life more colorful!

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