July 11, 2019

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Studying English in the Philippines for short-term is gaining its popularity because of the low cost and high yield. With only around 1,500 USD (all expenses inclusive) per month, you could finally realize your dream of speaking English fluently. Due to the highly effective English teaching method here, it had attracted tens of thousands of students from many countries to come here for a bid to improve their English over the past few years.

The study abroad programs in the Philippines offer minimum 1-week course. However, the suitable time frame for you to study here would depend largely on your current English level and your own commitment. The quality of English teaching in the Philippines is ranked in the top 5 among the world’s best with high academic efficiency. The trend of studying English in the Philippines is growing. Many people are choosing the Philippines as their destination to learn English instead of other English speaking countries such as England, Australia, America and Singapore.

English is the official language used in the education system in the Philippines, starting from elementary school to university and graduate school. 90% of Filipinos speak English well. 3D Academy is one of the leading English schools in the Philippines which offer many different English courses such as ESL Courses, Business English, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL so on.

So how much does it cost to study English at 3D Academy?

The total cost of studying English at 3D Academy goes from approximately USD $1,300 – $ 2,000 / month (about VND 30 million to VND 40 million / month) depending on the course and the type of room you choose. The costs are already inclusive of: all meals, accommodation, tuition, laundry, gym, swimming, school activities and local expenses. The local expenses include your Special Study Permit, visa extension, and electricity bills. The cost doesn’t include your Air fare.

With this low cost, students get to study 7-8 classes per day (depending on the course), of which 4 classes are 1: 1 like a private tuition (1 teacher, 1 student). For the group classes, you have only 4-6 classmates so you still have a lot of time to speak English. Besides this, you get to join free activities such as Yoga, dance, Movie Screening, Cultural exchange programs to further expose you with the English speaking environment. To keep a right balance for learning seriously and casually, 3D Academy also organizes a lot of extra-curricular activities on week days from Monday to Friday (activities after classes) and weekends (weekend trips).

IMG_7171   One to One class2

The cost of living in the Philippines is similar to Vietnam

The cost of living in Cebu, Philippines is quite cheap and similar to Vietnam. So no pressure about breaking a bank staying here. The branded goods in the Philippines are even priced lower than in Vietnam.

Travel and entertainment costs are low

The cost of travel and entertainment services in the Philippines is much cheaper than in Vietnam. With some careful planning you can travel cheaply. Tourism in the Philippines is developed in the direction of nature conservation. The cost of going to for island hopping, snorkeling and watching coral all day is only about 700,000 VND – 1,000,000 VND. 

The cost of studying English in the Philippines is not as high as in other countries. In fact it is only half as much as studying English in the UK, Australia, America, or Singapore. With the total cost of the package fluctuating around 35 million / month but high learning efficiency, it is definitely one of the top destinations for English learners like you and I.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a course and come to immerse into the most effective English learning course in 2-3 months.


Do you know?

With 3 months of studying English in the Philippines, students will spend about 90 – 110 million VND. In comparison, in order to reach the equivalent level of English, it will take 6 months or even longer if you are studying English in Singapore, with cost more than 200 million VND. If you study in Vietnam, with the number of periods and classes 1: 1 as in the Philippines, you will also lose between 20-25 million VND / month not to mention the cost of accommodation and travel.


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