July 23, 2019

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Movies Understanding group class in 3D Academy

Learning English by watching film brings many advantages. However, you have to learn wisely or else you would face many obstacles. Let’s check the advantages and obstacles below :-


Advantages when studying English by movies:

  • You can learn the natural English conversation skills from native speakers in the movie.
  • You can learn common English words, phrases and sentences used by native speakers from the dialogue in the film in real life. A lot of time, the language taught in the classes are different from English used in real life. Through the natural conversation of native speakers, you get to know how to use appropriate words in every day situation.
  • The body language and emotions of the characters in the film help learners learn quickly and learn how to communicate with emotions.
  • This effective way of studying English also helps you to learn more words and slang not available in books or dictionaries.
  • You only need to spend an hour to watch movies and learn English effectively without feeling bored.
  • The speed of speaking by English actors in the film is very fast. You get the natural rhythm of a normal English conversation. That is, if you can understand. Which brings us to the next points → The Obstacles you will face!


Obstacles you face when learning English through movies

  • A lot of time, you still do not understand what the actors said and the content after watching the movie due to your limited vocabulary. There will be many new words you don’t understand.
  • The speed of the speech by the characters are fast as it is their native language. You will find it hard to understand even if you do understand the words. In this case, watching the movie with subtitles help.
  • Some movies are just too well made and long. You ended up finished watching the movie without learning anything (If you are watching it with the subtitles in your native language)

All of these factors will make learners easily discouraged, give up when just starting. But remember, nothing is easy. When it comes to studying English, give yourself time, with perseverance and determination, surely within a short time your English speaking ability will improve markedly.


Methods to learn English through movies effectively

English teachers at 3D Academy will help you study English by watching movies. Watching movies is not about how many vocabularies or sentences you can memorize, but about how you can understand the film’s content without subtitle. It trains your listening skills. It helps you to learn naturally without too much stress. The teacher will explain to you about the detail of the film and new vocabulary for every situation before you watching movies so you can easily understand this movie with the aid.

In addition, the teacher also help you know how to apply new vocabulary in your daily communication situation. It is easy for you to remember these new words under such circumstances.

In conclusion, 3D Movie Understanding class is a very unique group classes. Come and sign up for this with us here (Insert link: http://3d-universal.com/en/form/)

Le Hoang Khanh Huyen
I'm reachable at carina@3d-universal.com. Looking forward to hear from you! Email: info@3d-universal.com

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