August 5, 2019

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Until now, I couldn’t believe my English level improved so quickly in just 6 months. I have a felt that the knowledge I gained about the world in these 6 months was even more than my 10 years of schooling. In addition to concentration and determination, I think I was fortunate enough to find a suitable language learning method.

In college, I was like many other students falling into “crying” state because of my lack of English proficiency. For me, the beautiful perspectives of liberal student life are gradually “extinguished” when exam pressure came from this “international language” subject. Because of my poor English, I was always the “diligent” student to retake the most English classes. Taking the test again and again without going through, I had to accept that this is just a small amount of money to study again.

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Every time the examination came, seeing me walking in, the teacher immediately asked, “It’s you again?” Looking at the depressed face of the teachers at that time, I had lost confidence and started to fear. My fear for the topic posts and the lack of vocabulary led to me going nowhere. When I was asked about the text in the textbook, I could not even understand which topic the teachers wanted to ask. Sitting in the examination room I secretly wished that someone would translate this sentence into Vietnamese so I could at least understand and think of the answer. Miserable with English at school, after graduating and going to work, I thought that now I could temporarily forget this “obsession”.


But I was wrong! It’s not just in school, but even in everyday life, I still need to be good at foreign languages. I realized that during my trip to Nha Trang with my friends. When I was comfortably walking on the beach, a Western guy came to talk to me with the sound that reminded me of the previous interview. Looking at the guy, my face was dumbfounded. I could see his mouth moved but I did not understanding what was he trying to ask. At that time, I was about to leave but it was too rude. I immediately used all my English knowledge to answer. I don’t remember what I said, just remember mixing all the English words to make a sentence. That Western friend kept staring at me and said repeatedly: “What?” Realizing that I was not able to help because I couldn’t even understand anything, I turn and run.

hoi-mieng-1 ngai

After that time, I kept thinking: “Is it possible to stop embarrassing myself with such a poor level of English?” So from that day on, I was determined to find ways to improve my foreign language to stop this situation as soon as possible. I signed up for an English course in a language center in Saigon. But it wasn’t helping much because a lot of time, I was there after a busy day at work. That little sessions of English skipped my mind without making a wave after the a tiring day. After a few months of English sessions at the language center, there was still no sound.

At that point I was thinking, if I study far away in a foreign country, will my language skills improve quickly? Was my English skill hindered because I could not practice regularly? Bothered with these questions, I asked my cousin who was studying abroad to seek advice. After hearing my story, she smiled and told me that my method of learning English was ancient. She said now the world is developing a practical method of learning English very effectively for people like me.

Study Abroad

So I decided to quit my job and restart on my English learning journey. I flew to the Philippines. I was not thinking much at first to be honest. I just wanted to relax, meet foreigners and regained my strength to pick up this difficult language for myself.

Huge surprise indeed! I really like the way the teachers in the Philippines teach us. They support us enthusiastically every time. Especially in 3D Academy, the teachers understand my learning goals and understands the difficulties I’m having. They understood the biggest obstacle to me then was the psychology of being afraid to speak up, fear of being wrong, the pronunciation gap, the vocabulary and the grammatical structure. Since then they have set out for me a proper learning pathway. What I like most about 3D Academy is that it has created an environment for students to confidently communicate with foreigners, get acquainted with many different intonations of European, Asian and African countries.

Group class6 IMG_3601

At my first class, I was able to study in a group with 5 friends (if I remember correctly, there were students from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam) and an American teacher. When the teacher asked me to introduce myself, I said wrongly both in terms of vocabulary and grammar. But strangely, he still understood what I wanted to say and correct me for every word and every sentence (later he confided that it was because he had been teaching for many years and also met many Vietnamese friends here, he understood. There are very clear pronunciation errors that Vietnamese people often make. Although I was in a group class, I was still very well-taken care of by the teacher about my pronunciation and  many other common mistakes. What a bless for me…

IMG_3739 ภาพหน้าจอ 2018-10-20 เวลา 2.22.29 PM

Besides the 3 group classes I have every day, there were 4 man to man classes for me. After 6 months of practicing regular speaking with teachers at 3D Academy, I became more confident. I was no longer having fear attack when I suddenly had to communicate in English. Stumbling through blocks of vocabulary and grammatical training, I was able to speak fluently in English for both short sentences and long sentences. I was able to Listen, understand, and speaking English confidently. My English reflexes improved quickly. I also gradually caught up with my foreign colleagues in contact and working in English. Now that I think about it, I regret why I didn’t come to the Philippines from the beginning to save time and get rid of the embarrassment caused by the lack of English skill soon enough.

IMG_3961 Native teacher

Every class we just study for 50 minutes. It didn’t take much effort. But I learned a lot more in these 50 minutes than the hours I spent in the language centers in Vietnam. It makes me love my classes more.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a course and come to immerse into English courses you chose.

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