August 16, 2019

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Kevin’s Second Blog – Night Market at Cebu IT Park and Scape in Mactan, Cebu




Hello guy~~  It’s Kevin .

I went to the Night Market in IT Park and Scape in Mactan during the last weekend.  And I want to show you what did I do and eat there.

Two of my friends came to Cebu on last Friday to travel. So I am showing them around in Cebu together with my other friends who have been living in Cebu. And we went to the some nice places in Cebu. I wanna share my experience with you guys.


Night market in Cebu

For the first time since staying in Cebu I visited the night market in IT park! The night market visit was totally accidental and unplanned because we were in IT Park to the restaurant named Shaka. Shaka restaurant is a well decorated restaurant around a huge tree. We had unforgettable memories there last time. However, we only found out that it was undergoing remodeling when we got there. As we couldn’t get inside, we realize there is a night market right beside Shaka. And we decided to check it out.

We ordered the Lechon, some Barbecue and Beer in the night market. Lechon is local food in the Philippines, it is a crispy pork meat. It goes very well with beer and some rice. Even when I went back to Korea I super missed Lechon. I remember I cringe for Lechon badly once and so I tried to find the Philippines restaurant in Korea. When I finally found a restaurant selling the Philippines cuisine in Youngsan (A district in Seoul), where many foreigners live, I found that the lechon there was neither tasty nor cheap. So you can imagine how happy I was when I finally got to have my favorite lechon (Cheap and delicious) in the night market in Cebu. By the way, a tip for my foreigner friends. If you want to start some food business in Korea, I strongly recommend you selling the Lechon. Most Koreans would love it as much as I do. It will be a huge hit, just like the Taiwanese Bubbletea – Gong-cha and the Vietnamese rice noodle.

Back to our story in the night market at Cebu IT Park. I ordered two plates of Lechon, spicy and original flavor each. However, I can’t recommend you to try lechon in the night market as they are not as tasty as the real good lechon I’ve had. The skin of the pork is supposed to be crispy and the meat is supposed to be juicy. But the one sold at the night market had hard skin and dry meat. I would rate the food 5☆/10☆. Next time I will introduce nice Lechon restaurant in Cebu for you (^ㅁ^)>o

Fortunately the barbecue was very delicious enough. Together with the beer, I would give 6☆/10☆. Here are the prices:

Lechon – 150PHP each plate (~USD 3)

Barbecue meat – 248PHP (~USD 5)

Beer – 65 PHP (~USD 1.30) per bottle (330 L). The price of beer in the night market is a bit expensive compared to other stores. I think the reason is that this place is famous for foreigners so they price it high.

The pictures below is show those food.

KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_01 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_02 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_03 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_04 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_05 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_06 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_07


Scape in Mactan


The next day, we went to the Mactan island. My friend who has a car drove us there. (How I wish to get a car in Cebu just like her). Our destination in Mactan – the Scape. Scape is a famous restaurant featuring a nice rooftop bar, located in Mactan  Cebu. I really love this place. If someone ask me to choose top 5 restaurants in Cebu, this restaurant will definitely make the list.

Honestly the food served here is just so so. But the atmosphere here would be killing every cons. From the rooftop, you could have the best view in Cebu. You can see both the new bridge and old bridge at the same time and you can feel cool and fresh air at night. On top of that, the couch at the restaurant are really cozy and comfortable. When you sit on the couch, you may forget where you are. That place has totally different atmosphere in comparison with other places in Cebu.


KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_08 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_09 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_10 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_11 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_12 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_13 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_14 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_15 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_16 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_19 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_20 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_21 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_22 KakaoTalk_20190814_135623301_23


Next time I will show you more nice places here in Cebu. See you in my next blog. Thank you for reading!!!


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