November 28, 2019

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My Cebu life in a nutshell – LEE,YI-YING, Taiwan

Hi everyone, this is Chris from Taiwan. I was considering about quitting my job when I first saw the advertisement about studying English in Cebu. I thought that maybe I needed to give myself a chance to take a break from work and to think about what I want to do in my life.

After I decided to improve my listening and oral skills in English, I browsed through different schools in the Philippines. Ultimately, I chose 3D Academy because it fits my budget and Cebu has a lot of fun places to visit.

I planned to enroll for 8 weeks of TOEIC course and 4 weeks of Business English course. By enrolling in these 2 courses, I hope that I could be confident, clear and correct in expressing my ideas for my future job interviews or business discussions, not just getting a high TOEIC score. It was my reason for choosing Business English course for my last 4 weeks as well.

I’m really satisfied with 3D Academy on account of their flexible style of management for students’ schedule. Basically students like us get to decide what we want to do after class completely. It helps me to learn by myself after class without anyone having to push me to do it. When I return to Taiwan I will be able to keep studying at the same pace.

There are many enthusiastic and interesting teachers in 3D Academy. You can request for your teachers to teach you anything you like. For example, you can ask them to teach you grammar or vocabulary in case you needed to improve on these areas.

About TOEIC class, Jel and Freci were in charge of listening and reading.

I had a listening exam every week for my TOEIC test preparation. After exam we reviewed our mistakes and we get to ask some questions at the same time.

Freci was patient to explain the grammar and vocabulary. In addition, she required me to do my best to finish questions in limited time.

About Business class, Ryan was my man to man and group class teacher.

He is really passionate about the topics he teach. I didn’t feel stress in the class even though I didn’t have enough knowledge or experience about business.

Coming to Cebu wasn’t only about learning English, but also about experiencing Filipino culture and traveling.

My teacher invited me to join the dance competition at Halloween party. I was surprised that the teachers were really creative about dancing, costumes and hair style. I was especially impressed at their traditional way of making their hair curly and thick by just using the stick of a coconut leaf and a rubber band. That was really amazing!

And here are the various places I spent on weekends with my friends:

# Oslob

Get up at 3am to see whale sharks

# Kawasan Falls

You regretted that moment why you decided to jump.

You will regret in your life if you never try to jump.

# Osmena Peak

Go to desolate place by ourselves.

# Caohagan trip

Experience local life and make you review your life

Finally, thanks to all my friends and teachers! While practicing English with you, you inspired me a lot of and conveyed many ideas to me. I can say that I am now a brave person to challenge into more unknown fields in my future endeavors. Thank you.

This is a post contributed by our Taiwanese student – Lee Yi-Ying (Chris). She studies with us for 12 weeks (Sep 16 – Dec 6, 2019). 3D Academy wish her all the best for her future endeavors. 


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