January 16, 2020

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5 reasons to study English with your children

Many parents start planning their family vacation in advance. If there are children in the family, the choice of destinations might be limited.

Besides vacation, some parents might be wondering where are the best places for the family to spend time together that benefit both themselves and their children? In recent years, more and more families factor in the benefit of childhood education into their family travel plans. A lot of families are now traveling together to learn English or any other language while having a vacation overseas. Perhaps it might sound like something new to some new families, but it had already been done for quite sometime over the years. 

Let’s look at the reasons why it might be attractive for the family to go for a vacation together while studying English.

Reason 1 – Early age is the best time for kids to learn language

It is obvious that knowledge of several foreign languages ​​increases the child’s chance to build an early career and become successful in the future.

It is advisable to start learning foreign languages ​​from an early age because during that time the baby has the most active memory. They can easily remember words and phrases in a foreign language. A child at this age is less afraid of making a mistake than an adult, so the children will learn to speak the language naturally. Also, it is easier for a child to learn the correct pronunciation, since at the same time he masters the natural sound of his native language. The main advantage of the English programs for families is that they take place directly in English-speaking countries that increase the effectiveness of studying.

5 years old Jenny in English class at 3D Academy

Reason 2 – Support 

When all members of your family are involved in the development of the useful skills together, this inspire your child to study hard as well. You can practice speaking English together as a family and share with each other the knowledge you gained on that day. From these practices, you gradually incorporate English into your daily life. You will be motivated by the progress of your loved ones and will feel the support that every person needs, regardless of age.

Reason 3 – Study and travel at the same time

Many dream about spending free time in pleasure and with benefit. Here you can kill two birds with one stone. Imagine spending time in a tropical country famous for its paradise islands, with unspoiled nature, magnificent beaches, exotic fruits, a unique marine world and many activities that are worth trying.

Studying English in the Philippines together with your family do just that. In your free time, usually on the weekends, you can join school trips to different islands.

You can go to the island of Bohol to see the smallest monkey in the world – Tarsier, admire the Chocolate Hills, enjoy traditional Filipino cuisine and live music at dinner, at a floating restaurant on the tropical Lobok River. 

Famous Tarsier

You can swim with whale sharks – believe me it is an unforgettable experience and absolutely safe. Or you can just relax on the snow-white beach of the island of Malapascua.

You will learn what “snorkeling” is – a type of swimming with a breathing tube to watch the marine life: fish, shellfish, starfish, sea turtles and others.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Since the Philippines can offer you both popular entertainment and unique natural places.

Weekend Trip – Hermit’s cove

Reason 4 – Children learn how to be independent

Parents and children study separately during the class hours in the Philippines. The objective is to reduce the dependency of the kids from the parents which will help the students to develop the desire to learn to communicate with outsiders, as well as to groom the good quality of being independent and self-reliant from young.

Experienced teachers know how to prevent your children from getting bored. The lessons are adapted for children of different ages and include elements of the game. In one lesson, students study several skills from vocabulary and grammar to the correct pronunciation. 

At the same time, parents can take a break from their children and devote themselves to self-development and practice the English language.

10 yeasr old Alice is studying English

Family breakfast at 3D Academy

Reason 5 – Insight of different cultures and traditions

The Philippines is a rich heritage of local traditions closely connected with the influence of Spain and America. It is important to show your children how people live in other countries in order to develop his abstract thinking and ability to adapt to the new environment. You can visit the local school where the children can play and chat with other pupils in English. 

In the city center there is the historical heritage of Cebu, Fort San Pedro, where the Magellan Cross and the oldest church of Santo Nino are located. In the Philippines, you will join the gastronomic journey, discover new tastes and combinations of products, boost your level of vitamins, trying various fruits and vegetables.

Besides, you will have the chance to speak with people from different countries and expand your horizons. 

Why you should choose kids and parents course at 3D Academy?

    1. Professional and skilled team
    2. An excellent reputation of the school
    3. Affordable price (USD 1000-2000 for all inclusive 2-4 weeks Programs)
    4. Individual classes 1:1 for children, individual + group classes for parents
    5. Stimulating and safe multicultural environment 
    6. Parents can enjoy some free time while the children are being looked after
    7. School trips to Philippines Islands
    8. Comfortable accommodation and tasty food
    9. Convenient location (supermarkets, malls, cafes etc)
    10. Many free activities (dance classes, yoga, movies, games, cultural exchange etc) 


Now let’s take a look at the Brief Introduction of how your experience of studying in 3D Academy with your kids will be like:

Time is a valuable resource and it is worth to spend it wisely. Thank you for reading! See you in the Philippines.

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