April 23, 2020

Coronavirus Special Series

Coronavirus Survival Strategy: Teach Online – Work from Home Tips

The recent Coronavirus outbreak is forcing all of the teachers to be confined at home. Many teachers have no choice but to turn to working from home. For many teachers who had already been teaching online getting a side income, great. You might have shorter learning curve to adjust to the online teaching lifestyle. But for most of the teachers around the world who are used to teach in the face to face setting, getting away from the bricks and mortar classrooms means relearning everything you know about being a teacher.

It hasn’t been easy for the normal teachers who are doing face-to-face teaching to transition smoothly from in classroom instruction to online teaching. There are a lot of hurdles and a steep learning curve. Getting a strong wifi and signing up for the good internet plan is the first step. But beside that, you need to get ready for a few more things to assist your smooth transition into an online teacher. As a digital nomad, I had been conducting various work online while traveling. Laptop is always our main connection to our work affiliates. Besides, there are many online resources available. Hence, today I will share 5 tips for teachers adjusting to working from home.

Tip #1 – Be disciplined to create your workspace at home and stay organized

I get it. It’s hard to find the work life balance working from home. But in order to do that, you need to set aside a place at home for your classes. Put all your lessons and material there, categorize them according to the subject or classes that you are conducting to make it easier to access for each of your class. Create your own specific work desk at home. The laptop is your classroom.

The Tech Headaches of Working From Home and How to Remedy Them ...

Tip #2 – Identify your tools and resources

Online teaching is not just about Zoom or Skype. There are many tools online where you can easily use and share. For example, google document or google slides. You can easily share and correct the work of your student real time using these resources. For example, you can edit the essay written by your students online together using these resources. In all cases, get a list of all the online teaching tools and resources you will need for the classes and familiarize yourself with it prior to the class.

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Tip #3 – Record Lessons for students

When you are doing the online classes, don’t forget to record the entire lesson and share it with your student later on as a reference. You can also post the class into your own Youtube channel (Be sure to exclude your students’ voice / visual without their permission). Who knows, maybe you might get a lot of attention online and successfully earn ads revenue as a Youtuber later on.

Remember the BBC Daddy whose Children walked into his workdesk while he was doing interview? Here’s a dose of cuteness to lighten yourself up.

You can find many free audio / video recording tools online like this webcamera.io app

Tip #4 – Think fast, be resourceful and be flexible

The thing about online teaching is that anything can happen quickly and change your lesson plan altogether. A student could be absent last minute (Not enough motivation to get online on time or any other reason). Students can get distracted easily by their family. The connection could get cut off. Be open to possibilities and make adjustment quick. Plan extra 15-30 minutes between each class to make sure you can give enough class hours in case anything happen in between.

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Tip #5 – Stay in touch with your fellow colleagues and the community

When you are working from home, it gets lonely. Some people I know had resorted to taking anxiety pill to help dealing with it. Don’t get yourself into this corner. Find support from your friend. Create a group chat on messenger / whatsapp and share about the new discovery or anything interesting. You can also share the tips on teaching online with each others. Get support.

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Alright, here are the 5 tips to get yourself started as an online English teacher at the comfort of your own home. This is the 3rd part of our Coronavirus Special Series to help you to get occupied being confined at home. You can read the part 1 about how students spend time in the Philippines for the Coronavirus confinement here and part 2 about the workout you can do at home here. If you have any other suggestion to share about what can you do during the Coronavirus confinement, please write to us and we will consider including it in our next post. Meanwhile, stay safe, stay healthy, stay home and stay positive!

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