April 1, 2020

Travel in the Philippines

Unexplored places at the Philippines.

Unexplored places at the Philippines.
Hello, everyone! Nowadays, the world still fights with Coronavirus and the Philippines continues the community quarantine. Everyone believe that we can win this virus and return to our normal life soon. Today I would like to share with you on the overview of selected islands for relax and adventure. Usually we choose popular and famous places and we didn’t know about the quiet places which are equally as good and less touristic. Perhaps, you didn’t even know these islands in the Philippines exist in the world. I hope my article will be useful for your future travel direction.
1. Palawan Island. Everyone know about Boracay – the beach paradise in the Philippines. However, but Palawan offers the same scenery at a much more affordable price for most people. Filipino like Palawan more than any island in the Philippines. They recommend Palawan to all tourists. This island is located in between Sulu and South-China sea. This island is normally dry and hot. However, it is humid during the rainy season from May to December. A lot of divers think that Palawan is one of the best places in the world for diving. They come there to dive, and explore the underwater world. According to the historic data, there were 12 Japanese ships crashed during Second World War in this region. Hence, some divers are keen to visit the crash site and find these century old ships underwater.
What you can do at Palawan:
Firefly watching. If you want to spend a romantic time with you lovely friend, you should sign up for this excursion. It includes a walk on the river at night, dinner, and happy time. Thousands fireflies, which sit at trees, will be surrounding you during this time.
Onuk Island. It is small island in emerald water. Onuk was winner in the photo contest National Geographic “Into the Green Zone” in 2011 (George Tapan). The island is a private property, so you have to get permission from owner to visit or stay on Onuk island.

Into the Green Zone” Photography by George Tapan
Comiran Island. It is small and private island with pink sand. Tiny pieces of red coral make the sand pink. This island is near from Onuk.

2. «Sugar Island» Negros. The largest sugar cane plantations are located in the Philippines at this island. Moreover, Negros is one of the largest sugar suppliers on the planet. The island is located between Sulu, Sibuyan and Visayan seas. It has monsoon climate.
What you can do at Negros:
«Twin Lakes». East Negros has a natural place. There are 2 lakes in a crater of an extinct volcano, Bilinsasayo and Danao. As travelers say, the road to this place offers really fantastic adventure. If you like extreme driving and amazing viewpoint, you should visit «Twin Lakes».

photo by David Wollschlegel on Unsplash
Kosororo Waterfalls. Also East Negros has other interesting place and few people know about this. You need to overcome 366 stairs to see 36-meters waterfall. It is very good that few people know about this place, so you have a nice opportunity to swim in waterfall’s lagoon without majority of tourists.

photo by Nathan Anderson by Unsplash
Sugar Beach, Sipalai, West Negros. It is place for relaxation, without night clubs and many people. As travelers say, Sugar Beach reminds them of Boracay 60 years ago because there are very few people, clean beach and affordable price.
3. Siargao Island. This island is very popular among independent travelers and you don’t find package tour to Siargao. The island has an exit to the Pacific Ocean and there is one of the best surfing school in the world. Annually, many travelers come to Siargao to take part in the international surfing championship. In 2019 American Magazine for travelers «Conde Nast Traveler» nominated Siargao as «The Best Place to stay» because of the pristine white sand beaches, emerald mango forests, and incredible waves.
What you can do at Siargao:
Cloud 9. This is a famous surfing school, which has 2 locations at the island, for beginners and experienced surfers. Siargao has the exit to a deep part of the Pacific Ocean, Philippine gutter. Many reefs surround the island and form a tidal wave of 4-5 meters, what surfers really like.

photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
Naked Island. This name exactly describe the island. A small island in azure pacific waters without vegetable life is suitable for snorkeling.

photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash
Sohoton Cave. The cave opens an entrance during low tide for your extreme activity and new discovery. This place consists of many small caves. There is one of famous caves-«snoring» cave. When waves crash against cave walls, they make sound like snore. You have to do deep but short dive to come in and go out from caves.
I hope my article is useful for you to discover some new islands in the Philippines. I will surely share more interesting things about the Philippines you might not know. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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