April 22, 2020

Coronavirus Special Series

Work out Routines you can do at Home during Coronavirus Lockdown Period

Hi everyone, getting bored at home because of the countrywide lockdown? Since the outbreak of COVID-19, most countries had entered into lockdown mode. The Philippines called it enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). Malaysia called it movement control Operations (MCO). Singapore called it Circuit Breaker (CB). Vietnam simply called it Lockdown. Taiwan / HongKong are probably the luckiest where there is no lockdown in the country. Hope it stays that way for them.

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So what have I been doing while staying at home? Besides blogging, surfing nets, netflix-ing, reading etc, I exercise at home. Thankfully there are a lot of Youtube videos available to guide you through during this period. Today, I want to share some workout routines I find useful to tone up your body!

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Workout with Skaters | 10 mins workout on Abs

This is my new favorite workout because firstly, I like watching figure skating and I admire those skaters’ body. Secondly, I started sweating at exercise 12 in this Abs workout. Try it yourself and see at which point did you start sweating?

36 minutes Diet / Cardio Dance / Zumba by Sunny Funny Fitness

This fitness studio had posted many other videos / routines on their youtube channel but I find this video the most useful for me. The creator slotted around 10 songs into this 36 minutes routine. It started with the first 2 easy songs to get you warmed up. Then the routine get you to work out intensively on the legs on song 3, shoulders and arms on song 4 and 5, then back to easier cool-down on song 6. Then you will have to prepare a yoga mat to work out on the abs/legs etc on the floor. By the end of the video, you are pretty much cooled down. So it’s an all-in-one workout video that stands out to me. I started doing the workout daily since late February 2020 when it had only like 300K views. As of today, 22 April 2020, it had garnered 2.8 million views! Looks like I’m not the only one who finds it useful.

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10 minutes full body workout (No Equipment) by Pamela Reif

This is a slightly more advanced routine compared to the #1 introduced above. Trust me it is HARD at the beginning! But once you endured it, you will find it very useful. The main thing I like about this Youtuber’s workout is that she doesn’t talk. There are some Youtubers who talk and give the instructions. Some people like it but I don’t. I like to just listen to the music and watch their moves rather than following the oral instructions. So if you are like me, you will like her workout videos. There are some other videos where she live-stream it and hence there’s she talking. You might find it easier to follow if you follow her instructions.

Besides the full body workout, she had also posted many other videos of workout for focusing on different body parts. All require no equipment so you can easily do it at home. Some of the other videos I find useful for

Abs and core

This is easier compared to the full body routine above


This one is hard!! You might be limping the next day on your first day of trying out this workout!

Arms and core

This one is hard on the arms!! Be careful you might not be able to do writing properly the next day after the first day of trying this workout. That is, if you can follow all her moves! Good thing is, there is 30 seconds break after every 4 workout in 1 session. You will have 3 breaks and 4 sessions in total for this workout. Try it!

Six packs workout

This is her highest view videos. Looks like there are many people who want to work on the six packs! I personally don’t find it as hard as the arms and legs videos above. Maybe I have potential to get six packs by end of this year haha. The hardest part is the side planks movements.

Cool Down Workout

Don’t get fooled by the title of her video. Her cool-down routine can easily be harder than many other real workout routine really! Try this workout routine if you find all the above workout routines hard.

Zumba Cooldown Perfect

by Ed Sheeran || ZumbaFitJessica by DanceFit University

Now this is the real cool-down routine we are talking about. The song is nice. And the mood is right when you see so many people dancing together. Try ending the hard day of work-out with this cool-down routine and you will find your body fully stretched and refreshing.

#Special Mention 

The following workout routines were recommended by my friends. Personally I don’t enjoy these workouts because I don’t like people talking during the workout. But if you enjoy the guidance or motivational support, you will find these workout routines very useful. Best of all, you get to learn English as well while doing workout! Let’s take a look!

30-Minutes No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout

Burn 600 Calories in a 60-Minute Workout With Jeanette Jenkins


Billy Blanks Fit Sculpt – Tabata / HIIT workout

According t0 my friends, Billy is very popular among Japanese. Most of them said their legs are hurting after this workout. So get ready to protect your ankle / knee if you want to try this workout for the first time.

Alright guys, this is some workout routines you can do at home to keep yourselves fit during this extensive lockdown period. We hope COVID-19 pandemic will be over soon. Meanwhile, stay home. Stay healthy. Stay fit. Stay positive. Stay safe.

Thank you for reading!

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Work out Routines you can do at Home during Coronavirus Lockdown Period (Chinese Version) 居家也能做的健身運動 – 疫情期間讓我們一起增強免疫力吧!



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