May 13, 2020

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7 Simple tips that motivate you to study and achieve your dreams

In the previous blog, I have shared the 10 best tips to improve your English language. However, the most important factor to keep you studying is motivation. When you are studying, some of us get bored and lazy to study because of the lack of motivation. Today, I will share some simple tips that will encourage and motivate you to study in a fun way. Let’s get started!

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Most of us feel bored and exhausted while studying because studying feels like a heavy burden that we wish to get rid of in any way. However, there are many simple ways that can add fun to studying time, help you to resist boredom, and encourage yourself to do what you want to study. First of all, get out of the traditional system of studying and thinking about innovative ways to help you understand yourself better.

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Read the following points to learn about 7 tips to keep yourself motivated and how you can benefit from them.

Tip #1 – Place the Goal where you can see it all the time

One of the most effective ways that can encourage you to study is to place a picture or a board that reminds you of your goals and what you want to reach in your study place. For example, put a picture of your role models whom you admired and inspired you to achieve the same success in the future.

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If you don’t have a role model, collect words and quotations that encourage you to study and be intrigued all the time.

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Not a fan of the quotations? Write down the goals on your own, describe what you want to achieve and what you dream to be in the future. You could write or draw about it. This way, your dreams, and goals will always be in front of your eyes to keep you focus! The goals will encourage you to make the effort required to achieve them during the difficult time!

Set your goals

Set your goals

Tip #2 – Learn from the inspiring stories

Be it whether they are famous scientists or great historical figures, or those around you who are your acquaintances and friends. Sharing their stories can be a wonderful motivation for you to encourage yourself to do the same, to study, and to excel. Finding the secrets of these people’s success and their high status will help you to imagine your future.

Then you can take the necessary steps to achieve your dreams by following their footsteps. So always try to learn from more success stories. If you don’t have any close friends and acquaintance as your role model, try looking for the biography that you can read and learn about the success stories of the greatest scientists who changed the course of history.

Tip #3 – Pursue New Knowledge Acquisition not Certificate Accumulation

Of course, getting a recognized degree is important. However, this should not be the end of the story. Most people who are successful in life aim not just to pass exams or obtain a certificate, but to acquire the real knowledge or skills. Passing an exam and get a certificate are great. But these papers will not bring you success. There is only one key to success – You! When you bear in mind that you are the ticket to benefit yourself and to achieve your life goals, your enthusiasm and interest in studying will increase. Hence, never set a goal on passing the exam, but set a goal to acquire certain knowledge or information you need to understand and achieve better results in the end. Remember that every information you gain in any subject or field will benefit you eventually and expand your knowledge and awareness.

Tip #4 – Love what you study and be proactive

Most people are stuck at the knowledge passed to them in school and get bored of the outdated information in school. Don’t fall into the trap of outdated information. Remember that the information keeps changing and updating. The only Constance of all knowledge is the Change itself. You can search and learn more information about the materials and lessons that attract your attention through the Internet, which has become the main source of information today. By searching for new information actively by yourself, you will gain more information, expand your awareness, and increase your interest in what you study, which will benefit you in your studies and in your life and distinguish you from others. Then, talk to your friends, professors, or anyone you come across that share the same interest as you. Be Proactive.


Tip #5 – Just do it!

Do not spend a long time thinking about what needs to be done in terms of studying and the number of things you want to do. Instead, just do it! Take a short time to plan about what you need to do and the information/materials you need, and then get started right away. Planning and thinking for a long time without implementation may have the opposite effect. It could cause you anxiety and a feeling that studying is a heavy burden and thus you lose your enthusiasm. Remember, one action beats a thousand plans! Accomplish your tasks by doing it, not by planning it.

Tip #6 -Set specific and reasonable daily goals for what you want to accomplish during the day.

Divide the materials that must be studied and the exercises that must be resolved logically by the time available to you. Do not set yourself too high the target which is not achievable within your means or else you risk getting fatigued too early. If a goal is set too high with a too large amount of work involved, you wouldn’t be able to finish the daily tasks in time and accomplish the goals. What follows next is a feeling of defeat. The feeling of failure will bring a more negative attitude for you and deter your study plan.


SMART GOAL Setting Methods

Tip #7 – Perseverance and Patience

Always remember your dreams! When boredom and fatigue befall you, think about your goals and dreams that you want to achieve in the future. Remember that the first step on your way to achieving these dreams is the completion of the study and success will follow. This way of thinking will encourage you to study and resist being bored.

In this blog, we learned about some of the most important lessons that encourage you to study and achieve your dreams. It is ok to be ambitious and set high goals to achieve in your life. What is more important is to work for it for your dreams to come true.

Thank you for reading.


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