May 14, 2020

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8 Common Home Workout Core Training to replace Gym

Hi all, it’s been 2 months since March when we were instructed to stay at home for the Coronavirus Lockdown. Since the gyms remain shut, have you tried the work out we recommended at home without any equipment during the Coronavirus Confinement period? If not, take a look at our recommendations here. Today, I want to share about all the common workout training used for your exercises. Learn it so you can sound like a pro the next time when someone asked you – How’s your workout training going?

Ideal Gym Workout Routine Sequence Ideal Gym Workout Routine Sequence. If you have free time everyday to do all these (Energy as well hun!)[/caption]

#1 – Stretching

Stretching is most commonly used in Yoga, Warm up and Cool Down Routines

Stretching is the most important act for a workout! You do stretching a lot before the main exercise to warm up your body and after the intensive workout to cool down. Stretching helps to prevent injury during workout. The more frequently you stretch your body, the more flexible your body become. Well maybe you wouldn’t achieve the crazy extension and flexibility like those girls you see on the viral youtube and tik tok videos!

Nope that’s not what you need to achieve for your stretching exercises. A simple set of stretching acts on all your muscle groups from head to toe will be good enough to protect your body from injury! Most of the Sports injuries such as spraining the ankle or pull the hamstring are due to the lack of warmup stretch on the body muscles. So, do stretch!

Attempting Viral Flexibility TikToks! - YouTube Ah, my eyes hurt just by looking at them splitting their legs like their arms![/caption]

#2 – Flat Belly Training

Having flat Belly is every girl’s dream! (Maybe guys’ as well >.<) One thing we always can’t resist is the delicious food! Every chocolate you eat is one more calorie added to your body and perhaps another round added on your tummy. As the time goes by, our stomach becomes rounder and bigger and that’s when we started yelling “I want my Flat Belly back!” There are some training that helps you to focus on getting the flat belly. Most of them involve stretching, sit-up, crunch, and abs hold positions. See below a 30 minutes workout by Selena Gomez targeting flat abs.

Honestly, most people won’t be able to achieve flat belly by exercising itself without controlling the diet. You are what you eat. What’s inside the belly are all the junk intake accumulated in the body. So first thing first, control your diet, and the flat belly will follow.

#3 – Core Muscle Training

What’s the main purpose of all the exercises and training? Despite the myth of losing weight from intense workout, the workout really is mainly about strengthening your core muscle! Our core is a complex series of muscles, extending from abs to arms and legs. It acts as a stabilizer of our body to produce the force. With high core stability, you will be able to perform a lot of difficult routines involving spinning and jumping etc. Most of the core muscle training involve crunches, back extensions, squats, pushups, etc. Let’s take a look at the easy core muscle exercise for beginners.

#4 – Abs and Six Pack Training

Some of you might be thinking, what’s the difference between flat belly mentioned in #2 vs Abdominals (Abs) and Six Pack training? The difference lines on the muscle. To achieve flat belly, you control your diet. To achieve firmed and toned Abs line or even having six-packs appearing on your abs, you need a lot of muscles training such as abs hold, pushup, crunches etc. Yes there is forever a debate over which body types look nicer. Different people want different shapes of body. Some women don’t like muscular body. All they are looking for is to have flat belly. However, the toned V-lined abs are attractive to some as well. And for some, the firm abs is simply not enough. They want the sixpacks appearing on their tummy line. Let’s take a look at the following differences. Whichever body shape you like or want to achieve is entirely up to you.

Difference between visible abs on women and flat belly ... FlatBelly6 Ways to (Finally!) Get a Flat Belly | Jillian Michaels V-Shaped Firm Abs[/caption] Sixpacks Woman Six Packs Abs[/caption]

Obviously to achieve the six-pack body is the hardest. Hence, most exercises focus on abs instead of flat belly and six-packs training.

#5 – Toned Arms Training (Biceps and Triceps)

Toned means to have firm and well-defined muscles. As our arms muscle are mainly built by Biceps (the large muscle at the front of the upper arm) and Triceps (the large muscle at the back of the upper arm), toned arms focus on building up the muscular strength of our biceps and triceps. Hence, you can imagine the most common arms training normally focus on plank and push up which are super hard. See below one of the innovative ways of toned arms workout using 2 water bottles. Enjoy building your sexy arms!

#6 – Round Booty Training

Well booty is not exactly a real word. It’s an American slang used to describe our buttocks

*Side Note: Booty can mean also the stolen goods or prize in war

In anyway, Booty training definitely sounds more professional than Butt or Ass training don’t you agree? So let’s stick to it.

For a lot of people, the round shape of butt is attractive and it makes us look sexier and healthier. To make your butt rounder, most exercises involve intensive squats exercise, lunges, leg lifts, and bridges. Besides, to shed the unwanted fat around your butt muscles to make your body line looks firm throughout, a lot of cardio exercises will be required.

#7 – Leg, Inner Thigh, Hamstring, Calves Training

After Belly, Arms, and Booty, we have come to one of the most searched-upon training for our body – leg training. There are a lot of derogatory terms used to describe woman with fat legs such as the carrot leg and the elephant legs etc. Every girl dreams of looking like a supermodel with that super long and skinny legs.

Wei Mi supermodel with Tips face small legs length – 站点标题

Some women were born lucky but some not. As our legs muscle are mainly made up of the inner thigh and hamstring on the upper legs and calf on the lower legs, most of the leg exercises focus these 3 parts. If you are a work-out enthusiast, you will notice there is a latest trend about obtaining the “Thigh-gap”. Having the thigh-gap in between the 2 legs is now a symbol of being skinny and healthy. You can take a look at this article explaining the 10 Exercises to Obtain a Thigh Gap

10 Exercises to Obtain a Thigh Gap That Will Only Take 10 Minutes ... How to build Inner Thigh Gap[/caption]

#8 – Full Body Training

What if you say that: I don’t need to focus on any special body part. I just want to have a healthy body and build my core muscle to strengthen my body, or to burn some fat on the body. Then what you need to do is the full body training. Yes there are many exercises that focus on the whole body from head to toe. You can easily find them on Youtube. These training normally started with the less intense exercise such as stretching covered in #1 for the warmup, then slowly work the way down from neck to arms to Abs to legs training and finished up with more stretching for the cool-down.

There are many terms and trends used to describe different workouts such as Fat Burning Cardio Workout, Calorie burning workout, HIIT drills, Tabata, etc. In the next article, I will introduce more about the differences of these exercises.

Before our 3D English+Gym Course resume in Cebu City, stay home, do exercise and stay healthy during the Coronavirus Confinement Period. Take care everyone. See you in my next post!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Extension Read – Chinese Version

If you would like to learn Chinese, read the article above in Chinese (Traditional) here

8 Common Workout Training for Gym Exercises (Chinese Version) 8種健身肌肉鍛鍊運動





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