May 26, 2020

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50 Shades of Sea. Malapascua

Hello everyone, dear friends. I would like to ask you the question «Do you know what color the sea is?».

-«Of course blue»- you might tell me this answer. But today I would like to share with you about how the sea changes its color from red to black. This was one of the best memories I had from a trip to the island of Malapascua. 

Transport Guide from Cebu City to Malapascua

That was a few months ago. My friends and I decided to spend the weekend on one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippine archipelago, Malapascua Island. We set out for the journey very early in the morning because it was a long journey from Cebu city (Around 6 -7 hours on the road). We woke up at around 3am and started the preparation. Then we reached the Northern Bus Terminal at 4M by jeepney – No. 20A. Having reached the bus station, we asked for the bus to the Maya village.

Maya village is located at the far north tip of the Cebu island and from the pier of Maya Village , there will be many boats going to the Malapascua island. Buses run every 30-40 minutes from 5 o’clock in the morning. The fare is 150-210 pesos (USD $3-4) depending on the amenities on the bus. If it’s air-conditioned, it would be expensive at around 210 pesos. If there is no AC (Not recommended), then it’s cheaper at 150 pesos. The journey from Cebu City to the Maya Village by bus took approximately 4-4.5 hours. The good thing is, you can sleep in the bus! However, you can also take a taxi if there are 4 of you. The cost of the trip by taxi from Cebu Island will be from 3000 pesos (USD $ 59). It is not very expensive considering the long drive ahead.

Despite the long journey on the bus, the time traveled unnoticed. Probably because we were too excited with the anticipation of seeing white sand beaches, the azure sea and the opportunity to spend a weekend away from the noisy city. While I was looking out from the window of the bus, I noticed the beautiful landscape of the Philippines passing by. A picture appeared in my head of what I would see in Malapascua – The Azure Blue Sea. In my imagination the color of sea will be:

8 Colors of Sea in my Imagination

Blue – a color intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day

Cerulian – deep blue in color like a clear sky

Electric Blue – a color which definition varies but is often considered close to cyan, which is a representation of the color of lightning

Aquamarine – a light bluish-green color

Baby Blue – one of the most popular among blue hues

Bondi Blue – A type of teal color. Teal is a blue-green color associated with the clarity of thinking, mental concentration and focus

Aqua – a greenish-blue color, a variation of the color cyan

Cyan – a restful, calming color that symbolizes relaxation, especially that shade of cyan known as bright turquoise, which can be the color of the water in lagoons in tropical countries where people go swimming on their vacation

Maya Village Introduction

Accompanied by these thoughts, I dozed off and woke up at the moment when we arrived at the Maya pier. There is also beaches in this small Maya village and many tourists stay here. You can not rent a hotel here because it is not yet a popular tourist destination. However, you can live with the local families. This option is popular among the budget tourists.

Boat Trip from Maya Village to Malapascua

We didn’t stay in Maya Village. We rented a boat, cost from 150 pesos (USD $3) per person. There are many boats traveling in between Maya and Malapascua frequently during the day. Do take note that the last boat set sails at 5 pm because it is not advisable to be out in the sea at dark. Sailing to the Malapascua island from Maya Pier takes about 1 hour.

Origin of name for Malapascua Island

The name of Malapascua came from Spanish word «Mala Pasqua», which means «Bad Easter» The name was originated from legendary sail of the Spaniards. According to the history, the Spaniards sailed to Cebu before Easter and got stuck on one of the reefs of the island. Hence they named this island Malapascua.

After 1 hour, we reached Malapascua and checked into a hotel. The hotel daily rate here starts from 1,500 pesos ($ 30) per night.

What to do at Malapascua?

From the moment we got onto the island, Everyone found something to do for everyone. We started heading out in groups according to our interests.

• Some went for diving

• Some chose snorkeling

• Some wanted to spend time on the beach, building the sand castle and buried each others in the sand

• Some just frolicked in the water like a child

• Some rented a boat and decided to ride along the island

• Some decided to explore the island on their own and set off.

A holiday in Malapascua does not imply noisy nightclubs or a multitude of activities. Local bars do not work long and by midnight, as a rule, all bars will be closed. Lovers of the beach holidays and divers frequently come here. I enjoyed the quiet sound of the water and the contemplation of nature on the beach with very fine sand.

After dinner, the sky tightened a bit. the sun was almost set. We were upset that it would rain according to the weather forecast, but we were pleasantly to find that rain did not happen. We went out onto the terrace of the hotel and I saw something amazing! The sea was no longer sky blue! She changed her color to the color of the inhospitable sky! I had never paid attention to the color of the sea before, but when I noticed it, what I saw shocked me very much. The wind rose and the sea no longer seemed so warm and alluring. On the contrary, it played with all the dark color, as if showing its character, as if she did not like something. At that moment, the color of the sea was:

7 Colors of Sea at the Sunset

Arsenic – It belongs to the dull deep sky blue colour subspectrum

Charcoal – color that is typically associated with meanings of dull, dirty, and dingy

Midnight Blue – a dark shade of blue

Prussian Blue – the deep greenish-blue colour of this pigment

Royal Blue – a deep, vivid blue

Slate Gray – a grey color with a slight azure tinge that is a representation of the average color of the material slate

Glaucous – a bluish-gray

I slept well that night, satisfied with my new discovery on the change of the colors of the sea.

13 Colors of Sea at the Sunset 

I woke up early the next morning before sunrise. I decided not to lose time and meet the dawn with a cup of coffee on the beach. At that moment, the sea was black.

But when the first rays of the sun arise from the horizon, it began to color the sea in red. It looked a little scary with the red in the water (like blood) but mysteriously beautiful. I decided to stay and did not regret it. Never in my life have I seen a sea of yellow and purple! I was so enthusiastic that I could not believe that such colors could even exist!

Amethyst – the color can range from a pale lilac to deep purple

Heliotrope – a pink-purple tint that is a representation of the color of the heliotrope flower.

Lavender – a lighter version of purple

Mauve – a pale, bluish purple that sits between violet and pink in the color wheel

Persian Pink – the color of the pink color spectrum, which belongs to the pale hot magenta subspectrum

Navajo White – an orangish white color, or pastel yellow orange

Pale Goldenrod – contains more brown and white than pure gold

Vanilla – a rich tint of off-white as well as a medium pale tint of yellow

Almond – a pale yellowish-brown colour

It was a short 2 days 1 night trip to Malapascua Island. We returned to 3D Academy  the next day. I realized that we are always so busy that we do not pay attention to ordinary trifles. If not for this trip, I would never have seen or paid attention such beauty of nature. Thanks to this magical trip, I now know that the sea change its color according to the sky, the sun, the moon and your mood. When the pandemic ends, take a trip outdoor to the beach somewhere. Start cherishing the natural beauty surrounding us and discover your 50 shades of sea! 

Thank you for reading.

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