May 6, 2020

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Sky Experience Adventures Extreme Sports in Cebu City you don’t want to miss!

Sky Experience Adventures Extreme Sports in Cebu City you don’t want to miss!
Hi All, how are you dealing with the Community Quarantine in the Philippines? I am sure you tired of the quarantine period and waiting the end of it, just like I do. A lot of us browsed through the old photos in our mobile phone from our past experience to relived those beautiful times traveling outside home or country. A few days ago I also looked at these photos and I found some interesting pictures, some of which I had forgotten when and where did I take it. So today I would like to share with you my memories about this unforgettable place.

It was in January this year, when my friends and I went to Sky Experience Adventures . First I need to say, I didn’t know about this place before and I thought it is just viewing deck to appreciate the scenery of Cebu. In the evening, after studying we caught a jeepney 17B from 3D Academy  to Osmena Square. It costs only 7 pesos (USD $0.14) for the Jeepney ride and in 10 mins we reached the destination. Jeepney is one of the cheapest transport to travel in the Philippines. The normal fare is 8 pesos (USD $0.16) in Cebu for a ride less than 5km, and 16 pesos (USD $0.32) for a ride more than 5km. You can have discounted ride (7 pesos vs 14 pesos) for jeepney if you show your student ID to the driver. The only disadvantage about a jeepney ride is that you need to know your destination well as no one would tell you that you have reached the destination. Google map is a must in this case. When you reach the destination stop, just knock on the ceiling of the jeepney to let the driver know that you would like to alight there.

The place we are going to is located in Crown Regency Hotel & Towers  on the roof of 38th floor. You need to go to the hotel first and take lift up to 19th floor by elevator. In this floor there is cashier. Entrance fee was 250 pesos (USD 5) for the viewing deck only, 600 pesos (USD 12) for the viewing deck entrance and 1 Sky Experience Adventure Ride. For me I chose the 250 pesos (USD 5) entrance only because I don’t like extreme sport. I like watching my friends do it 😂. Some of them bought the Sky Experience Adventure Ride and I was looking forward to see. After getting the ticket, we took the lift up to 38th floor.

My first thought when I came out from the lift was – the view is amazing! It was sunset. We were there around 6 o’clock. Cebu, sea, sky, mountains view… all these made the perfect picture for your instagram! We took videos, photos and spent good time there appreciating the view. When the Sun hid beyond the horizon, the hotel switched on the lights on the roof and we could sit there and appreciate the night view. My friends proceed to the Sky Adventures Ride.

Sky Adventures Ride is like a roller coaster ride going around the building while you are locked onto a rail seat. You can indulge in a breathtaking panorama view of the entire Cebu landscape. Mind you, this two-seat platform has a control lever that can tilt the platform down up to 55 degrees. The ride lasts around 20-25 mins going around the building. The speed is sometimes fast, sometimes slow and stopped in between for you to experience all delights of fear and pleasure from the extreme viewing experience. My friends were so happy with the ride and some wanted to repeat again. Some was shocked and asked to go to home as soon as possible.

While I waited for my friends, I saw there is a Sky Observatory and the entrance fee is only 10 pesos (USD $0.20). Without thinking much I paid the fee and went ahead looking to watch the stars. Unfortunately it was not my day for the star😂.
By the way, the Sky Experience Adventures in the Crown Regency Hotel&Tower offer many kinds of extreme sports and other attractions. You can visit Skywalk extreme, Tower Zip, Paramount Climbing Wall, 6D cinema theater, cafe and restaurant. We didn’t manage to go there. Here are the guides of all the activities you can do at the Sky Experience Adventures. And also a short video I took about this place.

If you are coming to visit Cebu, I am sure you will find Sky Experience Adventures a great experience worth visit. Thank you for reading.

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