June 20, 2020

3D Internship Program

Difficult times are the beginning of a new life

It’s said that difficult times are a time for reflection on one’s destiny in life.

Start every day with new hope, leave bad memories behind and have ...

Have you ever wondered who you really want to become? What would you really like to do in your life?

3 Tips for Deciding What You Really Want to Do with Your Life ...

Today the whole world is undergoing global changes. Many familiar things for a person such as: meeting friends in cafes, watching sports in the mass sports arena, festivals and parties, traveling, and many more things we used to enjoy look like a past remote dream now. Browsing through the travel photos from as recent as 3 months ago will bring you nostalgic feeling now because you can’t do much nowadays besides staying at home.

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I believe that the changes that are taking place now and which are to be adopted will make a new contribution to the development of mankind and, very possibly, this will be a new normal of life. There should be an awareness raised for everyone.

We cannot change the situation, but we can change the attitude towards it, and if you wish, you can find a lot of positive things. All we need is the courage to take the first step, ask ourselves in-depth soul-searching questions on –

What do I really want in my life?

If you need better help for the career and life guidance, you can look seek for some professional guides around you.

Who wants change? | Change Activation

As for myself, for the first two months of my life with the new rules, I began to pay more attention to self-education. I trained self-discipline. I finally read the book in English and started reading another. I found and gained new knowledge and skills through online resources. I tried to understand how to work remotely, and I did it! I independently studied a foreign language, planned a day in advance, wrote down my plans and achievements for the month, and, you know, I liked it!

Of course, I did not forget about sports and walks every day, because this is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and well-being. I asked myself questions, which made me quit my difficult but beloved job and go to the other end of the Earth, and although I didn’t understand this to the end, I definitely did not regret it, and I know that it’s not in vain.

Today I can say with confidence that I know what I would like to do in the future with pleasure and who I see myself.

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And, you know, this is very cool! I am 32 years old and before this crisis I had no idea who I wanted to become.

I am convinced that each of us is unique, nothing is impossible and if you sincerely want something with your whole soul, then the whole universe will help you to own it.

This is a post contributed by Elena. She studied in Cebu for 2 months from February 2020. This is part of her challenge in her application for the 3D Internship Program. To support her, give us a “thumb up” and “like” our facebook page: facebook.com/3d.academia!

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